Game crashing on ipad

Hi. My game has been crashing since the update during chat and Avalon event. I have already lost flags because of it. It is not crashing on my iPhone, but keeps crashing on my iPad. Help, please.

Hi @SaraTheSadistic,

Here’s the steps that I use when E&P (the game) inadvertently shuts down while I’m playing:

I’m using an iPad (6th generation) with latest version of iOS 14.2.

*if your below 50% power, I recommend plugging it in…

  1. check for iOS updates (sometimes Apple will have an update immediately after gaming apps are updated and this has happened in the past) and update your iPad if there is one.

  2. go to settings and sign out of Game Center

  3. then sign out of your iPad (Apple iPad account) and the prompts will ask to save your info, etc.

  4. then, under general —> settings (down at the bottom of the options), SHUTDOWN your iPad

  5. if you go through all these step-by-step, you’ll be taken to the main screen and asked to swipe your iPad to completely shutdown

  6. I usually wait a few seconds (10-12 seconds) and then turn my iPad back on and then,

  7. sign into your Apple iPad account

  8. wait for your iPad to “resync” and then,

  9. sign into the Game Center

I know this sounds like alot, but I’ve gotten better at doing it routinely and this only takes less than 5 minutes.

Anyway, good luck!

BTW: I’ve only had to contact the E&P tech support/help desk a couple of times (over the period I’ve been playing), but if the above doesn’t work, I suggest contacting them.

Kerrang :slightly_smiling_face:


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