Game crashing every 5 min!? Only 23 worlds to conquer?! Plus cant write a text on global or alliance

HI im really upset as my game even if I update often, crashes in the most important moments like when I attack in the war or titans only!! Its like doing it intentionally and im losing points and battles! I put plenty of real money in this game but im ready to quit!!! Im playing it on my phone. How come the game doesn’t stop at all when im upgrading heroes or buildings or attacking on the world map? Another issue is that you have only 23 worlds to conquer!!! Why?! I couldn’t take a pic of what I mentioned cause happens very fast! If I will delete and reinstall am I in danger of loosing all my progress?! I saved the game but…

Let’s do a little trouble shooting:

  1. Do you have the most recent OS for your phone and the most up to date version of the game (1.11.7)?

  2. Have you sent a trouble ticket (only need one) to Game Support?

  3. The map consists of 23 provinces of varying locations, (the shortest is 5 locations, there are many with 9). This is all considered Season One. If you have read The Shortlist on the Forum, you know that Season Two is planned and coming after Alliance Wars and/or additional game content. The map of 23 provinces is only one of many Game content items, others being Titans, Quests, Events, and most recently Alliance Wars.

  4. Deleting and reinstalling is not recommended unless directed to do so by FAQ or Game Support. ALWAYS save your game to Game Center (IOS) or Gameplay (Android) BEFORE deleting/reinstalling.

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Thanks for answering but guys, I was keep upgrading yr game, at each notice and my phone is OK and this game still crashes every 5 minutes?! Im loosing raid and world energy for nothing and battles?! Can u do something? Im investing real money and I wanna play it!!!

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If you are crashing continually, from the FAQ:

If you still have issues, please contact Game Support directly:

I tried to contact the game directly and their site doesn’t work for some reason. That’s ridiculous. And in game menu options brings me here again guys!

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