Game crashing at startup

I’ve been playing over a year and this has never happened to me. Out of the blue the game will not load for me. It gets too the loading screen then just crashes.

There has been no updates on the phone (Pixel 1). Reinstalled the game, removed cache and data, restarted phone.

Version 1.14.2 Build 782


My friend and I (both on Android) are encountering exactly the same thing, and we’ve tried all of the usual remedies.

Help, Small Giant!

Same issue. App crashes as soon as the game loads. Please help (Android version)

Same issue here. Pixel 2 XL. Tried reinstalling the app, cleared cache, restarted phone. PLEASE HELP!

@Petri Please help or route this request to the appropriate party? It’s been 3 days since i was able to start the game, and it’s frustrated with valid VIP membership. Thanks!

Sorry for resuscitating this after 3 years, but I’m experiencing the same: the game crashes at startup.
It gets to the moment where I’m recognized by Google Play but then shuts down abruptly.

I’m Android, no update of OS, I think the game updated, thou.

Someone posted to delete update for webview i did it and it works

Not understanding you there, sorry :sweat_smile:
Can you help me a little bit more?

Android webview on the app store

Same. What to do what to do. Might as well go to PHub

Check here :wink:

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Thanks mate, found it :innocent:


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