Game crashes

My game crashes fairly regularly,usually in a raid or fighting Titans,and usually doing well,seems combos create the crash.What upsets me is I lose a flag and get 0 score or lose cups in a raid as well as a flag.I would prefer to get the flag back especially in Titan fights when I have used my bestt weapons etc so lose my placing in alliance which is super frustrating as it’s difficult to get in A group.Im playing on I pad.Anybody else have similar issues?? Please fix the game is frustrating enough.Thanks


DITTO! It just happened to me! It was a 50k food loot that I desperately needed and I lost 45 points and can’t even rematch! @Petri will this happen again??

Your issue is new. Necroing a five month old thread because you are frustrated does not make your point.

I’ve read your original post. I would contact game support directly and wait for an answer.

OH WOW… Necroing?? I must have missed the date on the post. Apologies for resurrecting an old post. Guess I’ll have to pay more attention in the future.
I just searched my issues to see if anyone else had the same problem.
Thank you for being so POLITE AND UNDERSTANDING.
I am new to the forums and I’m just learning how they work. I’m not sure how exactly to contact support but I’m sure I’ll figure it out on my own.
You have a pleasant day. Thanks!

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I was just Surprised. Thanks for your lack of sarcasm. :wink: I’m just a player like you, and I recognize these things happen.

In answer to your question:

Game support can be found in game here (From main screen): Menu > Options > Support (choose from the list).

At the top is the FAQ which may be helpful in many situations.

Here is the direct link also:


Now THAT was super helpful. Sincerely, Thank you!


Having exactly the same problems since downloading v1.11.6. Losing Alliance energy, flags, raids, cups etc. Game keeps kicking me out. How do I fix this?

I think there is another game crash issue. It happened to me during raids multiple times, when the enemy has only 2 heroes left (of course when Im winning), the game just crashes, closes itself without any error messages or something, taking away my flag and my 50 cups and the killed heroes are not counted in the raid chest. I think this is not my fault so pls investigate it and i would appreciate some kind of compensation as well.

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