Game Crashes while starting war fight

Please fix the use of energy and blocking the Heros when game Crashes while starting a fight (i wasnt able to see any tile or something…)

Last war my friend got the Same error.
So in my case now… Best heros blocked for 0 points :frowning:

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Its the third time only today that my game crashed and I lost all my energy and crafts. Frustrating.

So I just had the same thing happen. I selected a person set my team and then it had the circle over my team like it was getting ready but nothing happened. I took screen shots to show the time lapse. I pave lost those heroes I was going to loose and one of my hits for wars. This is very frustrating.

During the battle of the alliance battle, when almost all the heroes of the opponent were killed the game was closed. in the end, my strong team is lost, but for the opponent all the characters are alive and zero points are charged for the attack. terribly annoying. wrote through Google translator, sorry

I have The Same Problem, best Heros won anderen The opponent is still alive and i hot 0 Points…

Got the same problem. Killed the enemy team, and than crash. Lost heroes, lost energy, lost fun, got zero points.

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