Game Crashes v1.12.6

With the new update my game is worse. Crashes when… pushing fight button, selecting a hero to level up, adding heroes to train, selecting a level to fight in, while loot is tallying up at the end of a fight. I have lost 20 w/e flags, loot and heroes that just came from the camp. I don’t know what the updates were, but maybe they should be undone until the problem is fixed. My time zone is central.

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Me too boss. This is pretty bush league for a game over a year old.

I guess this is my new screen saver… It’s costing several raids, titan hits etc to some of our members… And now the chat is broken as well… I didn’t come here to btch, I’m just letting you know… But a nice little “sorry” nugget from the devs would be nice… A rare quest doesn’t sound so bad now does it ?

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