Game crashes - saved by google account, I guess

Hello, I’d like to share something: last two weeks game crashed and I couldn´t enter (only the black screen wiith Small Giant). I was afraid to lost my account, so I saved my account number (in case to ask help support) and unistalled the game. After installed again (android), I got a new number account but all my progress wasn´t lost. All the same, even with my alliance. Today it happened again and once more I got a new number account but my progress still there (lvl 70). I think the fact that I was logged on google account saved me. Dit it happen to anyone? Tks in advance 4 your answers. Peace and good luck :v: :four_leaf_clover:


Yeah, thank heavens for flaky Google. This most current build is an absolute dog.


Yuppers 3 :popcorn: and :beer: for google play. :laughing:

Could be related to this:

У меня тоже слетела учётная запись игры и я уже неделю не могу восстановить её, в поддержке пишу, они сначала писали, сейчас вовсе молчат, не знаю даже что и делать, вкачена был до 64 уровня в игре

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