Game crashes on hero leveling on NVidia K1 tablet

When in-game the app is crashing about every third hero leveling attempt. This only happens on my NVidia Shield K1 gaming tablet not on my other Android or iOS devices.

I’ve tried to do a clean install of the game but it didn’t solve the problem. I started experiencing this issue as of 2 patches ago.

I am also having this Issue.

Account# 55KE7
Version: 1.6.3 Build 395


Android version 7.0
Security patch level 4-1-2017
Kernel Version: 3.10.96+
Build number: NRD90M.1928188_904.2811
Tablet software version: 5.2(24.29.404.153)

I would love to recommend this game, but right now with it crashing , i don’t see that possible.

I do have the very same issue. Game is stable, but when I level up either heroes or troops, it crashes about 90% of time. I have nvidia shield tablet, android 7.0.

Crash happens always exactly at certain part of animation, when hero is zoomed out after being 'merged:.

Have you sent a ticket in to the game directly? I recommend including any screenshots you have of the error (if any) and mention the day/times the error occurred, plus the timezone.

Ticket sent, details included, including video and system log about the crash. Hopefully it gets resolved.

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Still not fixed as of 1.9.6 patch.

A temporary workaround that reduces crashes considerably is to spam-tap the screen after clicking “LEVEL UP” to skip the animation screen quickly.

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