Game crashes in trials last lvl

Game crashed as I was about to kill the bosses on the last lvl of the trials costing me 20 we and a some not so cheap battle items.

Edit:I got the v28

Also on V28 here & just completed the trials with no issues.

Which operating system are you on?

Are you sure your device didn’t lose internet connection? Like did it crash crash? Or just “disconnect”?

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I’ll add my experience here in case someone else has the same issue. I updated the game, played most of Morlovia, chatted with alliance with no issues.

As soon as I tried to fight the titan the game would close with the check your connection message. It happened the seversl times I tried to fight the titan but everything else continued to work.

I rebooted my tablet and it works fine now (hopefully for good).

No mention of connection lost, nor the flashing WiFi icon on screen as normal before disconnecting. Just a sudden crash and automatic reboot. On android.

I’m familiar with the titan problem, that has happened before, but that wasn’t as annoying as you neither lost energy points nor battle items.

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Also on Android here & yeah, no issues at all… Completed the trials first go thru.

Would probably had been a wise thing to reboot my device as soon as the update went active. Seems to me SG should put a warning when a new update goes live that we should do just that, since the problem with titan fights Princess mentions is a recurring problem that always solves itself with a reboot.

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The game kicked me while playing in the emblem quest. I had spent 20flags on the 3rd emblem quest then it kicked me right at the end. Then I had to spend 100 gems to get red flags again to beat it all over again!!! I hope they give me back my gems and a energy flag coin. Please look into it devs. It kicked me at 1:45 a.m MST.

Hi @Hockeytj

You need to submit a support ticket in game, none of the forum staff can assist with in game issues.

I doubt you’ll get any gems back as flags just recuperate over time and there’s plenty of time left on the current trial :man_shrugging:t3:

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