Game Crashes at S5 province 24 Stage 9 hard

Well, i tried it 3 Times now and it Always crashes in the last Stage.

Anyone Else having this Problem?


@PlayForFun 20 characters of look at this one

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I restarted the phone and managed to clear the Stage on the third try.

Still, this Kind of Error never happend before to me and it was No Problem to play the normal Steges on province 25.

I don’t know If it May have anything to do with the revive the Boss gave to sobek. I definitley know that he did on the second crash and it crashed after that.

Probably this isn’t worth looking into it If no one else has the same problem

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I have no problem on that stage.

@Grimmson you can try to contact support about the earlier problem.
They might give you a free flask for the wasted world energy.


Thank you for looking into it and the suggestion. I contacted the support team. :slight_smile:

Have a good day

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