Game crashes at least once a day

I have a relatively new phone (LG ThinQ V60) with lots of memory. After the recent update, the game seems to crash every day. It happens in war battles, raid tournament battles, and revenge battles. It is extremely frustrating, especially since it costs me energy.

The game is still crashing every day and no one has responded. I’m losing points in wars, which is affecting my alliance. When are you going to address this?

Sometimes post update the game gets a bit glitchy.

Tagging @moderators. Anyone know if this is widespread and needing to be patched?

It just crashed on the very first legends battle, so now I can’t even use their heroes. I wouldn’t be so passed off if they had proper exception handling and state management instead of penalizing their players and causing them to lose energy, flags, war points, and legends hero slots.

That sucks. Have you put a support ticket in? The devs might have a look if you’re having this recurring problem.

Edit: @Guvnor @Dudeious.Maximus either of you guys heard about any post update issues from other players?

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It brought me here when I clicked report bug. Where am I supposed to report bugs?

I think you access the support ticket via the in game menu options. I can’t remember exactly as I no longer play, but I’m fairly confident that’s where you find it.


from a quick Google search. :slightly_smiling_face:

Edit: Hopefully you can see that screengrab. My phone is playing up and I’m not sure it’s uploaded the pic properly. I just put “Small Giant Games Supoort” as a search.

I have a crash at every opening of the game, this started today, it says Facebook Keeps stopping :confused:

I’ve been getting repeated game crashes since v.37 came out. iOS here, properly updated.

There been other threads posted. Every other day since the dawn of time.
Being there isn’t a mass of people with this issue its more seen as individual cases.

People can always contact support.

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Thanks for the info :+1:.

Hopefully @Kurosamurai gets his problem resolved.


Lol. Yeah, I know it’s a recurring theme, just wondered if these issues become more widespread as the game gets ever more content shoved in? Figured you mod types would have your finger on the pulse though and if you haven’t heard then its more a local problem

Thanks again :slightly_smiling_face:

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