Game crashes after update to One UI 3.0

I have version 36.0.0. My Samsung phone just completed the update to One UI 3.0. The game is no longer able to launch. I have restarted, as well as powered down and powered back on.

I’d really like a quick fix for this — but I can’t even submit a support ticket, because I can’t get in.

SOLUTION: I uninstalled E&P and reinstalled. Now works.


The same problem I have faced. After that, I download the latest game from Google Play and install. And, then it works.

I don’t want to make multiple threads about came crashing, but I have the same problem on my Motorola. Yesterday it happened multiple time during mid-day, but it worked in the evening. Today same thing, the game keeps crashing. I have Android 10.0, game version 36.0.0.

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