Game crashes after update 1.12.6

Tnx god they fix the minions issue fast, but now every time I finish a map farming… I got that screen and kick me out the game. @Petri, can u guys take a look? I cannot tell if the loot was given or lost.

It is the same here and no rewards.

BEen happening to one of ours, got kicked out twice, no cannot even log in

Hello everyone. I just made the last update. I play in raid and I win, I have the error log server.mon network and very good. Could you look at this problem, thank you in advance.

I am having the same issue. Game is closing while I am playing.

wth @Petri @Sara @EmpiresPuzzles give me back my raid engery and world energy. BUG is worst. minions don’t do damage in raid but works in stages. Hire better coders!!!

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I preferred when the minions didn’t do damage but I received the loot :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:

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I restart my tablet as shown in another post and the problem is gone.

I just want to report that I’ve just missed out on some loot because of these crashes… I believe it was 2 D Blades, no wait, 3 yes 3 D Blades and 2 Tomes. Plus like 10 gold tokens… Feel free to add these to my account at your earliest and all is forgiven…

Thank You !


Apologies for the problem. It only occurred for the first session after installing 1.12.6, and only if you used (or battled against) a hero with minions. We’ve just deployed a fix, so the problem should be resolved now.


Tnx a lot @mhalttu, yes indeed… The problem is fixed now.

I just updated about an hour ago and still crashing and losing my titan energy and raid energy when it does. I’ve lost 300 trophies since the update yesterday.

Did you used any minions hero? It happens in the first session, they said. And the issue must be fixed by now. Reboot your phone… And if still crash, that may be another bug that the discussed here. 300 cups? Lucky you… I loose more than that every day… But i got them back again ! Keep the good work.

No minion heros to use and I’ve rebooted my phone several times

There is a new update that fixed my Minion problem

I did the new update and didn’t change anything

same, mine too! i even got pushed out of the game, no explanation like the one you uploaded, just straightly the game crashed and closed. i need to reopen it to get back to the game

I’ve decided it’s time to uninstall and forget this game after this mess. The bugs have rendered it unplayable but to have a special event with ascension items in the quest right now is wrong since not everyone can play this broken game enough to get through one round. It took 6 raid energies to fight 2 times. I won both and it took trophies away like I lost.

Mine crashed right after filling a raid box. Luckily when I reconnected it just picked up where it left off. It’s crashed a few times today. I have a tablet, not a phone.

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Happened to me three after doing the first stage of the new quest I lost 12 flags and no loot

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