Game crashed while fighting titan

At 8:15 PM Mountain time, I was fighting the titan, using dragon banners, mana potion, etc. and the game crashed on me. It shows me with 0 score and no more titan energy. I have the latest version on my Android phone.


We have had 2 alliance members that have said the same thing happened to them

I’ve been complaining that the game closes as soon as I open it but that so far if hasn’t affected my actual battles.

In the past 24 hours it hasn’t been closing on me upon opening, but today when I was I fighting a raid and touched on a hero to check his HP, the game closed.

I’m really hoping it doesn’t start happening on my titan and war battles now!

Same here 5 min ago.

Next fight was okay after that gamecrash. They have fixed the easter purchase I think. That was broken before and worked after the reboot of the game.

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