Game crashed Titan

The game crashed while I was attacking a Titan. Lost a flag over it. Additionally, it sounds like I should have gotten a message about the servers rebooting, of which I also did not receive.

If this just happened recently (less than 2h ago), it almost certainly doesn’t have anything to do with the server issue this morning.

I think we need a master thread for all the game crashes. Titans, wars, missions, quests, etc.

My husband’s game crashes whenever he tries to level up Onatel. Mine crashes upon opening usually, but threw me out during this last war near the end of a battle I was winning. His crashed during a previous war, too. I have two tablets and the other one open at the same time was fine. It’s not our wifi connection!

It happens to all of our players on occasion and because it doesn’t seem to be specific to one certain action the posts may seem to be isolated instances. There was a similar post by a player saying whenever he touched Danz and that’s what his thread’s title said. I don’t have Danz so I didn’t respond to it.

The OP on this thread could just as easily said Game crashed … titan, war, raid, challenge, opening game, during game, touching somewhere on the game, etc. etc.

Gathered together I’m sure we’ll see a bigger picture of a serious, ongoing problem!

@Garanwyn @zephyr1 @Rook

i think it’s important to keep them separated; not all crash’s are equal, or caused by the same thing.

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