Game crashed during war


I was just playing War, and the game crashed on me. Here is a screenshot of the situation:

This is how the game looked like when it froze. The music still kept on playing. After a minute or so, the screen went black, but the music still kept playing. Whats strange is that eventhough i minimized the game, the music still kept on playing. No matter what i did (except closing the game of course), the music kept on playing.

I’ve been playing Empires & Puzzles for about two years, and this is the first time the game has crashed on me, at least from what i can remember. Sucks that it happened during War, since it resulted in me getting 0 points for that round, and my board was pretty good too.

I’m not really sure what the crashed caused. I’m speculating if Seshat had anything to do with it because this is the first time that i’ve used her.

My phone is a Galaxy S7 running Android 8.0.0.

If there is any more relevant info i can give, please let me know.

If you want to open a support ticket you should contact support, but I doubt they will reverse anything. It could be a number of reasons why the game crashed, so usually I clear all my apps before war hits so that nothing else is running in the phone background other than the game. :slight_smile:

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Sadly that happened to all of us sometime.

My horror crash happened just when I killed the dark lord after a long battle, where I used all of my dragons, which I wasn’t able to produce at that point.

I was disappointed for a moment, but so what… All gone, better luck next time.


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