Game Crash during titan battle - 0 dmg and loss of battle items

The game crashed while battling a titan. I used a few items–meteors and Dragon banners. After reopening the game I saw that my attack was logged in the game, but with 0 damage. I lost the energy and the few items. What’s the remedy when something like this happens?

Occurred around 9pm EST, 12/8/2017.

Some times the crash is caused on the gamer’s side (drop in WiFi etc). I don’t think they refund items on a crash, alas.

You are welcome to ask. Contact Game Support from within your game:

Menu > Options > Support > Support

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I was fighting the titan and had done pretty good damage to it i think and the game just chrashed when the countdown started. When i got back into the game my alliance point was spent and at the titanfight i got 0 points. Swedish timezon and it happen 15.30.Screenshot_20180310-161946

Does this help?:

If not, please contact Game Support:

Yes, another…oops, sorry for the inconvenience!

It had nothing too do with connection because i was at home and i dont have connection issues. When the countdown started it went black and closed the app

Skickat från min Samsung Galaxy-smartphone.

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I have my internet at home too…yet some times it goes out; the WiFi works but the cable internet has an issue. Just sayin’.

If that’s not what you’re experiencing, please contact Game Support (use the link I supplied earlier. :slight_smile:

I’ve had an experience, just few days ago. A few things updating like the browser but also something that I think was the culprit. Updating of Android System WebView which is heavily dependant component. I’m almost certain that this caused my Empires & Puzzles to suddenly go black and then disappear and I’m brought back to the home screen.

… crash? or the game responding to a termination call. Anyways, I’ll be careful to not quickly go into the game before having this update done first. :stuck_out_tongue:

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