Game connection failure

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I’ve been trying for 30 minutes with no success.


I haven’t had any issues personally, and there don’t seem to be a ton of reports at the moment.

Based on that, it’s likely an issue specific to your network. Sometimes that’s turned out to be an issue with a specific mobile carrier, and sometimes it’s an issue with a WiFi network.

As a first troubleshooting step, have you tried using a different network, and restarting your phone?

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Five times my game has shut down at the very end of a battle that I won today. The first three were with the wonderland event. I lost life but didn’t receive points. Last and most upsetting, I made a final hit and completely killed Hojo or H o j o co-leader from Riders in the Sky. The moment I won the game shut down and when I logged back I. It reported I lost 14 theories for that win. What’s going on?!


Me too… connection error. Cant enter to game from 11.30 am. On 10 am training camp lvl 20 should finish upgrading… maby its some reason… restarting phone, change connection etc - still can’t login. Message said Connection Error. PLZ HELP Login: ThirstyElephant50

I did the app update this morning (for iOS) and since then haven’t been able to get into the game. The screen pulls up for a second and then closes… I’ve updated my iOS, restarted my phone, done a hard reset, closed everything on my phone, checked my phone storage, changed my internet connection… nothing has helped so far :confused:

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