Game close after touching training camp

This seems to be my latest issue. I was simply going to accept it as as annoyance but I think it’s important that SG is aware that this continues to be an ongoing problem for a lot of players.

Adding to the threads/posts I’ve been reading that mention:

Game closes when … fighting the titan, fighting the wars, fighting a raid, doing a quest, doing a challenge, upon first opening, when I touch Onatel, when I touch Danz, when I touch anywhere on the game …

My latest one to add to the list is when I touch on a training camp. It’s been happening off and on all day. I have good WiFi, the current update, closed all other apps, cleaned up my memory, rebooted my tablet.

Frankly I could live with the annoyance of non-battle closures but it also closed during my previous war battle and now I’m scared it will happen again in the next war.

EDIT: please tell me this latest update fixed the game closing bug.

It doesn’t look like there’s any Known Issue thread on a crash problem. Have you submitted a support ticket? And if so, what did they say?


They said to make sure we have good WiFi, to close any other apps, to have all the current updates, to clean up the memory, to restart my device …

everything I mentioned above.

I have a Samsung tablet - it isn’t old. We have a reliable wifi provider with a boosted modem (that’s my non-technical speak).

I’m positive the issue isn’t occurring at our end. None of my other games close while playing.

For me, it’s less about getting compensation - it’s begging them to try to fix the problem. At the risk of sounding like a broken record, I’m going to keep posting if it’s an ongoing problem in the hopes that one of these updates actually fixes it.

In the meantime- I’ll pray to the game gods that it doesn’t crash during a war battle!

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Unless Small Giant support believes this is a game issue and the devs are working on tracking is down, it is very unlikely that a new update will change your crash issue. If I had to guess, I would guess that there is some issue with your particular tablet model (or a range of similar tablet models) that isn’t present in mainstream Android phones.

What did they say when you told them you tried all the proposed fixes and nothing helped?

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I’ve just cleaned up everything I possible can on my tablets. I even deleted another large game that I no longer have time to play (thanks E & P).

It would be great if that’s the problem and I can fix it from my end.

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That would be great! I certainly hope that helps you. I can understand why repeated crashes are so frustrating.

If you have a new-ish Android phone available, I’d recommend doing your war and titan hits on that for the moment. The game seems very stable on the mainstream phones at present (if it weren’t, I’d expect hundreds of complaints here in short order).

I’m pretty low-tech, practically a Luddite. No cell phone but I have the two tablets.

I also have a tablet Samsung A6 com android 9. something and since early today I can’t make to the game.
I see small giant logo and after that only a black screen for to long, nada after.
Clean everything, restart everything, and nothing, I can’t log in to the game
So frustrating

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