Game changing 4* or 5* for you?

Hmmm… Hel/Proteus?


I almost put them. But they’re really annoying, not true game-changers though. Not to me at least

Tiburtus and Boldtusk were my early game changers. Boldtusk my first 4* healer. His heal combined with his attack boost is crazy good and he’s tanks enough to have been my tank ever since. Tiburtus hits hard for me and his DEF down let’s follow up attacks do big damage.

Wilbur almost maxed now, he’s crazy good. Musashi almost 4th tier. Be starting on Proteus and Frida soon

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I don’t have Proteus or Hel, but Onatel’s mana control is somewhat similar. If you don’t have a high powered team, that kind of mana control is the difference in finishing Legendary events and not finishing them. Pretty game changing, if you ask me.

Onatel and proteus ssssssss

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But not together. They would sorta cancel each other! I get what you are saying, though. They are that good.

Hey Leo!

I think you’re being a little elitist here. Hel not a game changer?! Come on!

(I mean, I get what you’re saying, and you did list arguably the top four heroes in the game. But I think the point of this thread was to talk about the heroes that changed the game for different players at different levels of progress. I mean, OP’s pick was Boril, for crying out loud! Boril!)

If I’m trying to be thorough, I’d say these heroes have the chance to be game-changers when first acquired, assuming 4s get acquired relatively early on, and assuming 5s get acquired once the player has established a base of leveled 3s/4s:

  • Dark: Rigard, Proteus, Merlin, Hel
  • Holy: Wu, Gretel, Onatel, Delilah, Guin
  • Ice: Kiril, Ariel, Aegir, Alasie, Magni
  • Nature: Buddy, Hansel, Tarlak, North, Alby, Zeline, Lianna
  • Fire: Wilbur, Boldtusk, Santa, Grave, Marj
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Possibly. I tried to pick one for each color. There are certainly far more candidates than the ones I listed!

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Defense and Hard Quests: Boldtusk
I only use him in red color stacks these days, but he was my first 4*, my first 4* healer and my first viable tank. I was very lucky to get him as my first 4*

All offensive areas of the game: Wilbur & Wukong. So much extra damage!

Wu’s drawback is obviously his miss-chance but he only seems to troll me like 25% of the time if even that much. I activate my other heroes ready offensive specials first, then activate Wu for tile damage. The payoff is usually worth it.

Wilbur is also amazing for survival and helps me take out multiple enemies at one time. Once you practice enough learn how to use Wilbur properly (with and without a dispeller) he has no drawbacks imo, since his spirit link lasts enough turns and he’s worth emblems.

When playing above my skill level: Gretel
Examples of playing above my skill level include— the final few stages of the legendary tier of events I dont have great heroes of the appropriate color for, the “hard” version of the 2018 christmas event & 10* titans. Her mana skill only last 3 turns but it often manages to keep me alive long enough to heal with another hero. It manages to do significant damage if I carpet bomb the enemy with tiles for all 3 turns, and prevents devastating special skills from causing a loss.
If I can get her special prepared at the right times,my odds of success go up. Unfortunately, in raids and some events she’s killed off or not ready in time frequently enough that it’s annoying. It makes me wish I had Hansel even more since he’s faster and does more damage to one hero, I know he’d be an even bigger game changer despite still being a 4*. Sadly, during the last fables event all I got was a second Gretel who I’m forced to stare at in my roster since apparently a better use for duplicates is coming soon.


I could technically type out the name of EVERY 5* I have gotten to tier four since they all have significantly improved my playing in one way or another. I have more to say about 5* heroes so for simplicity I’m limiting my picks to 2.

Allrounder: Vivica. First 5* hero. I was super lucky. I had been playing for only a couple months and perhaps a couple weeks and I did a single pull summon just to see what it was like and she popped out. I knew I was lucky to get a 5* but I didn’t realize how lucky I was to pull Viv as my first 5*—her being the only normal 5* healer. Always came in handy, helped me complete upper level quests, and usually saved my ■■■ in time. Unlike many people I never minded that she was a slowpoke hero. I’ll admit slow heroes can disappoint sometimes since it’s not an anomaly for them to be spike killed before their special activates. But Viv usually managed to survive enough hits (barely) to keep my wimpy 4*&3* teams alive. Now that I have strong 4* heroes and 5* heroes, she’s even more viable. TBH i do agree with the peanut gallery that slow hitters are usually fustrating to use in wars/raids but slow healers definitely aren’t so bad, especially if they have an extra useful skill. For easy kills, no healer is needed. When fighting a team who’s difficulty is somewhat above “moderate” for your skill, slow healers do work fine. Healers need to be average or fast during “hard” battles, so I don’t take her to battle gravemaker or heroes like that. Maybe once I get her further on the talent grid.

Titans, War Offense, Raid Offense, Season 2 Hard— Alberich
I can’t say “allrounder” yet since I just got him 12days ago and he’s only been leveled enough to play with (outside of province 8-7) for like a week lol. It’s no wonder SG had to nerf his mana skill, it’s almost better than his revive. I think it’s better than the “+24% mana generation” skill that heroes like Friar, Ghengis, and Ariel have, since its benefical even if you don’t have the right tiles on the board. Once Alby goes off once everyone keeps going off, usually even all your slow heroes. (That might be because i have a few mana troops, but IDK. They only boost mana 5% and 9% which may or may not be making a difference) This makes me wish I had hansel even more but I’m actually pretty happy I couldn’t get North back in december or else I would of used my shields on her.
With the revive and heal-over-time he’s gonna be OP once he’s maxed. That won’t be for months for me though since I dont have tonics and only 1 shield. He’s only at 3/35 but I’m already winning battles I would of lost w/o his resurrection.


the very first 2 4* heroes that I got were kashhrek and boldtusk. these 2 guys took me through a ton of storyline quests and early event content. boldtusk ended up being the first 4* i took to 70, and although kashhrek is still at 3/60, since i used boldtusk as my tank for the LONGEST time, these 2 4* healers were pretty critical for me.

i imagine for a lot of folks who got thorne first, they wouldve ascended him to max just because of the rarity of 5*s.

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mother north in general and cyprian for making atlantis on hard a cakewalk :slight_smile:

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Rigard was my first 4* and a game changer early on for me. He would be the only person left on my team in raids and world battles and often times would heal enough to get me the win.

Alice is my current game changer. Her sniping is great, but the 44% attack debuff is debilitating against some opponent heroes as well and can’t be dispelled. I often hold her special until some sniping (or hard hitting) opponent is near their special, then I hit them. She can turn Magni’s special into a squishy Greymane attack.

youve been lucky. im 6 months in, and still no rigard. lol… ended up with kunchen though, so im taking him to the top. too bad he’s so friggin slow @.@

Basically an F2P player, two biggest game changers by far have been Proteus and Rigard. With them both levelled I’m hitting way above my pay grade

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My first 4* game changer is definitely Wilbur. His shared received damage and armor buff/enemy armor debuff is huge is every aspect of the game. I personally don’t think any 4* outdoes him as a key utility hero from what I have seen.
Their truly is ALOT of good 4* heroes though. When I first started this game I made the mistake of keeping my sights on the “AWESOME” 5* heroes like Alby, Grave, Khiona, etc. But the more I play this game the more I realize how strong 4* heroes really are. When you start talking about fully leveled; Pulverizing Bash (i.e. Grimm), Heals with team cleanse (i.e. Rigard), Heals with enemy buff removal (i.e. Sabina/Melendor), Counterattacks (i.e. Cyprian/Boril), heroes they really are overlooked.
If I could go back in time when I started I wouldn’t aim so high for 5* heroes. Like I mentioned alot of the 4* heroes will get you further than you’d think!
But like others have already said, Onatel was a HUGE 5* game changer for me regarding raids, season 1 and 2, quest challenges, and Purple titans.


Funny how the randomness of that works. I’ve been playing 8 months. Have 2 Rigards and 4 Sabina’s, but finally got my first Boril the other day. Still many 4*'s I haven’t come across from the regular heroes.

I feel ya. Three Tiburtuses, two Sabinas, three Danzaburos, still no Wu Kong, Boldtusk, or Rigard.