Game changing 4* or 5* for you?

For me it is Boril.
I have been somewhat lucky getting some decent 3 and 4*, even got Frida as a bonus last month.
I got Boril about 2 weeks ago,and started on raising it up slowly and after 1 ascent put him in defence,then took him on farming runs and was impressed.
He is now past 2 ascents,and part of the team i use for opening season 1.started province 16,made a big inpact as i cleared 14.
Wolf 9


Out of these… Wu Kong: my first epic hero


  • Boldtusk
  • Boril
  • Cyprian
  • Gormek
  • Grimm
  • Kiril
  • Rigard
  • Tiburtus
  • Wu Kong


  • Merlin
  • Hansel
  • Peters
  • Proteus
  • G. Jackal
  • G. Falcon
  • Gretel
  • Wilbur

For me it’s Wu Kong, Zimkitha and, last month, Alberich.

Wu Kong gives you insane numbers on Titan.
Zim is just very solid hero that I use everywhere.
Alberich is now slowly growing, but will be my main 5* healer.

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Alberich was a big one for me and he pretty much makes all of my raid teams.

On the 4& front Proteus is just awesome and really has me wishing I had his 5* big sister, Hel.

As much as I hate to say it though, pulling Guinevere as tank is the one that has probably seen me finally stop yo-yoing in and out of diamond.

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My game changers



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For me, I must say it was Melendor.

Back then, I was still a noob with only 3* heroes. And I had one for each color except green. So for a very long time, I had to settle with Needler.

Finally, one day I saved up 300 gems. And I waited for green elemental summon so I would be guaranteed to get a 3* green hero. I was only hoping to get a Belith because I needed a healer on my team. But you know what? Boom! Melendor popped out! It was everything I hoped for and more: green, healer, and 4*!

This was about 5 months ago, and to this day, Melendor is on all of my teams: map, raid, titan, and war. I managed to max him (including special skill) and unlocked a couple of nodes of his talent grid. Absolutely a game changer for me!


first 4 star I got was game changing in the sense that I felt like I was actually getting somewhere lol. For me that was Chao, obviously now he just feels meh.

The first real game changer I got was Khiona, even at low levels her attack boost just made a huge difference in raids, map levels, etc.


Proteus! Aaaand Wilbur :slight_smile:

  • Reviving (by far the best)
  • Healing
  • Riposte
  • Mana stop/reduce/slowing
  • Cleansing
  • Debuffing
  • Attack buffing
  • Damage deviding
  • Blinding
  • Jinx
  • Dodging
  • Aliment blocking
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Notable mentions (in order of appearance in my roster):

  • Boldtusk
  • Rigard
  • Grimm
  • Caedmon
  • Guardian Jackal
  • Wu Kong
  • Merlin
  • Buddy
  • Proteus


  • Joon
  • Isarnia
  • Vivica
  • Alberich
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For me it was definitely Wilbur. I was just playing through season 1 with my 3* team and first few provinces of season 2. I saved enough Atlantis coins for 2 summons. I got a 3* hero and the 4* Wilbur. He was my first fully ascended 4 star hero and I never looked back ever since. He got me through everything, right from season 1 dark lord, to gold arena from silver, to good titan hits, finishing all rare quests. After that I have had a few more 4 stars whom I fully ascended, and with Wilbur’s support I am able to finish epic and legendary tiers of the monthly challenge event. I am yet to take part in a seasonal event. Christmas was my first but I was way noob back then, I think I just barely finished the beginner. I wish to get some 5 stars soon though.

Anyway, long story short, Wilbur’s defense buff on my team and defense down on the enemies definitely changed the way I feel about this game. He is still my strongest hero btw with emblems. :slight_smile:


Sabina was my first 4-star, and has been used quite a lot. Wu Kong, the second, was a real game-changer, though. I like my Triton, Caedmon, Boldtusk, Sonya, but they’re fairly “vanilla”.

The biggest change came with drawing Wilbur, who makes me feel near invincible. I don’t think I would have finished Season 1 so soon or be on Province 10 of Season 2 Hard if it weren’t for him single-handedly saving the team from destruction.


Thank you the replies. I don’t have most of the heroes you’re all having.
I just pulled Wu Kong on a free token yesterday. Didn’t have time to do anything with him yet.
I do have:
Tiburtu1/35, Gomek1/33, caedmon 1/35, Li Xiu 3/12, Sonya and Sabina (last of my token)1/1.
There all are decent but still Boril make the big difference for me.


Rigard was the one that changed the game early on for me.

See here for some info I think you’ll find useful.


This whole post sounds super familiar. For me, it was needing a purple hero to replace Layla, and because I hadn’t found the message board yet, I didn’t do an elemental summon because I couldn’t find anywhere that it said explicitly that a 3-star was the lowest you could get from an elemental summon. As F2P, I sure as heck wasn’t dropping 300 gems to pull Nightshade! So I just did epic summons hopefully with every 300 gems and epic hero token, but no purple. Then, on one of my first Atlantis summons - maybe not the very first one - I saw the purple lightning and realized Layla was finally headed to the bench. I didn’t expect a 4-star (only my second, behind Kelile) or a healer (so I could finally retire Friar Tuck, who I took to calling Friar Suck when I realized his heal was only to nearby allies). So I was jacked.

As you say with your Melendor, my Sabina is emblemed to level 6 and still on nearly every team I trot out, the exception being my Titan team, unless I’m stacking purple. And, in fact, I like running two healers, so I’m also using your boy Melendor, who was my very next 4-star to drop. Being able to run two healers was the only way I was able to survive harder challenges, especially hard Atlantis levels. And that’s what led to my obtaining my most game-changing hero to date - Onatel.

I won’t go through the detailed version of that story - but you can find it here, if you are interested. But suffice it to say that being able to collect more Atlantis coins meant doing more Atlantis summons, which meant a slightly better chance of pulling a HotM, which I did in January. Her mana control is an otherworldly help on Atlantis hard levels. I rarely have to use a single item to complete them now, and if I do, it’s in the first wave, before my heroes have charged their mana. Bosses fire maybe 2-3 times per battle instead of every 2-3 turns. Less damage, fewer status ailments to mitigate, fewer buffs to counter. It’s just unreal. Between being my first 5-star; my only HotM to date; and her utility across map, defense, raid, war, and to a lesser extent, Titan teams; I think she will be my favorite hero for a long time to come.


Awesome story! It’s such a nice feeling to get a much better hero than you expect.

Melendor was my first hero above 3*, and was a game changer for sure. After that, I also got other heroes that took my gaming to a new level, most notably:

  1. Boldtusk. My second 4* after Melendor. I quickly lvled him up to a 3/60 so he was serviceable. Unfortunately, I only brought his special skill to lvl6 despite the fact that I mostly fed him red food (talking about bad luck). And for a while I just could not get a 4th hidden blade to fully ascend him. After about 2 months of painful grinding, boom! One hidden blade from an elemental chest! Without hesitation I fully ascended Boldtusk, and maxed him ASAP. Boldtusk is the very first hero I fully maxed, including special skills (I did not max Melendor until much later due to lack of sturdy shields). With some emblems, Boldtusk is the most powerful hero I have and he’s on my every team.

  2. Proteus & Wilbur. I got these two about two months ago, from the same Atlantis 10x pull. I cannot describe how much they have contributed to every aspect of my gaming. With these two on my team, I quickly jumped from silver to gold in raid; and easily defeated the Dark Lord on my first attempt, with only minor healing & mana potions, arrows, and antidotes. I also quickly swept through s2 levels because of their powers. One final note: I fully maxed Proteus already, but Wilbur still at 3/60 due to lack of hidden blades. Luckily, I got the last required blade 2 weeks ago. I have not ascended Wilbur because I have been working on Vivica. After she’s done, I will focus on Wilbur.

  3. Grimm. He may not seem much for others, but for me, he’s my new super hero. For a long time, although I had some very decent 4* heroes, I was in serious lack of a heavy hitter. I had Li Xiu, but her damage was dismal to say the least. That really troubled me. One day, I wanted to do an epic troop pull with the troop token I just received from a chest. However, I accidentally clicked on epic hero pull (I had a spare epic hero token). Initially I was super frustrated, expecting to get a Tuck or Prisca. But you know what? It was actually Grimm! Looks like it was a “beneficial” mistake after all! Needless to say, I fully ascended and maxed him ASAP. I now finally have a good heavy hitter, and drastically improved my attack power.


Guardian Kong and Mother North.

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4* - Wu - the one to change my titan hitting life

5* - Azlar - never knew slow heroes can be so good to use.

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Still hoping for Boldtusk, Proteus, and Wilbur, but like you, Grimm is my homey. Much like with trying to replace Layla with a three-star, I had trouble pulling a four-star blue to replace Valen. Got to the point where I was going with a 3^60 Kelile and no blue hero because Valen just couldn’t hang in the late season 1 stages. Two of my alliance mates had already pulled Grimm, and I was super jealous because he looked awesome. I would take any 4-star blue, but he was the one I wanted.

By this time, I had read up on elemental summons, so I got the gems and waited for the blue one to come around. Naturally, it happened for me during a challenge event, so I couldn’t do it. But I worked out the time and there was going to be a window of a couple of hours between the end of the event and the time the elemental summon changed colors. So I get home from church on Sunday, and I’m sitting dead red ready to hit the button when the challenge event ends. I hit the window, and out comes my coveted Grimm! I let out a whoop and scared my 77-year-old mother-in-law during Sunday lunch! Now he’s maxed, and as good as advertised. Long live the skeleton with abs!


I would say the top game-changers in each color are Ariel, Guin, Zeline, and Grave. I can’t think of a Purple game-changer

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