Game burnout

The game is starting to burn me out. There are so many things to do it takes so much time. Maybe War once a week and tournament once a week instead of two Wars a week. One week have war on the weekend one week have ward in the middle of the week. It’s just getting too hard to keep up making me want to quit. Would like to have more say in what goes on also like beta testers do. I spend a ridiculous amount of money on this game. Might just have to stop. Not complaining my choice to spend the money


Hi there! I think it’s nice to have so many options: you don’t have to do any part of the game you don’t want to (i often avoid raid for example).

Would it help to cut back any area? Hope that helps. :wink::+1:


Not that it’s relevant at the moment, since Beta applications are currently closed, but I’d recommend you don’t join Beta if you’re feeling overwhelmed on gameplay time already.

Beta testing adds yet more time for testing and feedback, and mostly rewards you with playing with things that are broken.

I don’t think you’ll find it particularly satisfying if you’re not looking for more things to do in the game.

This is my suggestion too.

It’s a game, it’s for fun.

If there are parts you don’t enjoy, that’s a good reason to take a break from them.


Lots of us take a break, it’s healthy. Then come back if you miss it, or move on into the wide world.


And further, if you are in a more serious, active alliance and feel like you can’t keep up, consider joining a more casual one that will allow you back off a bit.

I think a lot of us have had to re-evaluate where we are in the game over the course of our playing.

It may require switching alliances; reducing your spending; trying to not go so fast - just connecting with the slow pace of the game; not trying to climb a leaderboard, or whatever else you need to do.

Of course quitting is always an option but these suggestions will hopefully have you consider other options before doing something so drastic.


I think the problem is, when you spend money on games like these, your expectations tend to rise with how much you spend. I think it makes you subconsciously want to play more to achieve the results you think you should get for all the money you spend. I fell into that rut in another game, and because I had invested a bit of $$$ in it, it was that much harder to step away from it. I stopped paying and kept playing for awhile, then started over several times, but the burnout had already set in.

Best bet is to back off a bit now, maybe even take a break for awhile.


It sounds like you need a change of scenery, to relieve the underlying psychology to keep spending, keep grinding, keep playing, keep growing, keep winning…

As others have suggested, find a way to take a break.

Switching alliances might be a great start. If you find a less competitive alliance, you will be more at ease with missing flags, not finishing every event, and not having to be a top player for fear that you’ve been the primary reason for a poor result in an event.

If you find after awhile that you’re refreshed, then great. Hopefully you can keep having fun.

If not, then it’s a hard decision, but it’s best to walk away. Even if it means walking away from something you’ve spent a lot of money on.


I also think it’s important that we stop using the word “investing” when speak to ourselves about spending money on the game.

When I go to a restaurant, or a movie, I’m not investing in it - I’m spending money… and that’s fine because it’s my entertainment.

It’s important that I personally don’t think I have invested anything into this game (except my time) and any money I’ve spent has been “wasted”, the same as with any other entertainment.


While I agree with the sentiment, Princess, it’s a bit of a tricky analogy.

At a restaurant, I don’t continue to taste what I ate, or feel full from it, days and weeks and even months later. In this game, when I “buy” a 5*, I can get joy and satisfaction out of it for quite an extended time, as I level it up, and as I use in in game play. I think that’s what makes it much more difficult to detach from, as compared to more immediate entertainment consumables like a movie or drinking at a bar or whatever. With the game, the things you spent on endure for a longer time, and they are built upon and continue to augment your experience even as you spend more and more on other new game purchases.

It’s truly an addiction, and it can be very hard to break.

This is why I rail so hard against things like the very dangerous way some others in the community present numbers about summoning probabilities. It gives false hope that if you just keep at it, you’ll eventually succeed. And while the math may be accurate and real, the damage it does to one’s psychology and the addictive behaviours it enables are also real.

I agree wholeheartedly, we need to be careful about how we frame some of these things that we discuss.



This analogy actually works if you are a foodie. I still tell stories about some of the meals my old employers paid for over the years. Old Ebbit Grill was my introduction to spinach and butter. I have actually gone out of my way to compliment Chef. To ask for, and sometimes get, kitchen recipes from restaurants.

But a better analogy would be movies. We saw Marvel’s Avenger’s Endgame in the theater and it was much more expensive than watching on DVD. But we had spent years watching the previous movies, and discussing it with friends, family and strangers.

Beta testers

Beta tester’s #1 purpose is to test for bugs.

Rumors says the Devs are deliberately forbidden to give individual responses to Beta ( most likely a directive from Legal. Because. Humans. )

You can be just as effective by contacting customer support or posting to the forums. Both of these had more impact on Tourneys than Beta testers.

Take a break

Take a break. Actually now is an awesome time to take a break we are 2- 3 years away from shards and trading.

A lot of Empires is based on the casino business model. Limited time windows, Pure RNG - no mercy timers -, different ways to use your roster, peer pressure. And the casino business model relies on adrenaline and stress.

Entertainment spending

I rage quit for 120 days, the best thing I ever did. I only came back because of my family and their enjoyment of Empires.

Our combined entertainment spending, for all accounts, is currently at a combined $3,000 USD and combined 4.5 man years. We have seriously reduced spending - both money and time - now that we have Wu Kong, Rigard, Melendor, Proteus, Hansel, Boldtusk and Wilbur. After some accounts failed to get Delilah, Ariel, Mother North, Alberich and Onatel we have stopped chasing 5* heroes and reduced our 3* / 4* hero monetary budgets.

War, what is it good for?

I quit alliance wars until I can summon a decent team of 5* heroes. My alliance has an increased win rate since I left. But when I go back, I will only be participating in ever other war since the loot is aimed at lower level players.


I quite Tourneys. Tourney was the most fun I ever had in the Empires, but no rerolls, no qualifier days, no way to test your defense, trying to reinvent matchmaking from scratch, only 4 defeats, and no completion tier ( say for using all your Tourney energy ) has sucked all the joy out of the Tourney.

Stronghold 21

I am looking forward to Advanced House Level 10 to increase my daily Hero XP generation. So that will probably my first building when the Devs unlock the upgrades. Advanced Housing Level 10 is also a passive upgrade. Unlike Lodge which requires managing of in game resources ( titan parts, food, iron, ingredient, etc. ), and real life resources ( time, math, trade offs, etc. ).


Vacation/ Break/ Rage quit base

( [Photo] Base, Vacation ready/ Rage quit ready )

Take a Break

Tourneys are not looking good, but Alchemy Lab sounds like it is on track


Quit your alliance and become a mercenary.

Play when you feel like playing. No pressure to hit the Titan every day or fight a war for peanuts twice a week.


Hey gizzy! You’re such a tremendous help to everyone in your alliance and game, don’t feel pressured to feel like you have to do all the things in game.

I know a few people who have chosen to only do some things, they join alliances that understand and accept what you want to do.

Stay strong and healthy!! Miss your tutelage but I’m doing pretty well in the game, some of this is from your advice and friendship.


I’m not going to diminish your statement about addiction to the game. Honestly, I often forget that for some people this is a real issue for this and other similar games.

I guess that’s why it’s hard to give blanket advice to players who are feeling stress from the game. It may be easier for some of us to just say “so quit playing”, without taking into consideration there may be a lot of complicated factors behind it.

I understand the casino-type gambling addiction - you’ve spent so much money you’ll always be trying to recoup it.

Frankly, I don’t really understand the addictive pull of a game like this where you can only hope to achieve a momentary spot on a leaderboard, or special heroes that by tomorrow aren’t so special anymore.

Please don’t try to explain it to me - I know it’s something I’ll never understand but I truly do empathize with people who are stressed and burned out by it.


These games know what they’re doing (as do the casinos and the lotteries).

The game itself is addicting (leveling up, always needing to do one more thing to get one more cool thing…)

One of the most addictive features is the community. All these games have group play. Know why? Because we bond with each other. To the point that even when we lose love for the game for the game’s sake (it’s boring, it’s a grind, it’s…whatever…not doing it for me anymore), we continue to play because we’ve built up bonds with the other people in our alliances/clans, and the wider game community.

It’s not done by accident. All game developers know the power. They all exploit the power. And that’s why millions play and pay. And why many can’t break away.


First of all the princess comment was uncalled for. I’ve been playing the game for over two years now I’m fully aware of how the game works. I was just suggesting breaking some of the items up a bit.

Any money is my choice I don’t spend more than what I budget. So your highness don’t read more into the comment then what it is. Just a suggestion and a voice out

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I completely agree with everything I’ve been playing for a very long time. And I do take breaks. I am very happy in the alliance II Men it’s one of the very first alliances of the game and not as competitive as many. I am competitive with myself

If you take a break from war your chest is crap so that’s not an option. Need to take advantage of any opportunity I can to get any loot. Thank you so much for being polite with your suggestions. I was more venting and relaying a suggestion to the game which was poorly worded obviously. At least beta testing would be fun and enjoyable with different changes often

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Rider thank you my sister you have always held a sweet spot in my heart. And I’m glad that I was able to touch you and help you with the game. I enjoy doing that

In my own defense, I wasn’t responding to the OP comment. I was just following the tangent of the addiction comment.


Unfortunately they’ve screwed the mercenary option up. You get reduced loot and it blacks out your chest so that’s a bummer. My comment was worded in properly. It was more of a suggestion that maybe they could break things up a bit once in awhile. Thank you for your comment

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I apologize I do not know how to edit my comment. Of course I have an option to take a break. I enjoy the camarada T I wish we could chat while Auto farming that would be cool

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