Game Bug crashing!

Game keeps crashing after latest update. today tried to hit titan it crashed, tried to change war team it crashed. Saved game progress in game center than uninstalled app and reinstalled app. Game loaded my player information that was saved in Game center. Started game and it keeps crashing after everything loads. Tried to file support ticket from game app it goes to the page but never loads. Anyone else having same issues? Screenshots show time waiting for support page to load but it never did.

Now it crashes as soon as the game turns on from app!

No issues here. What type of device are you on? That might be part of the issue…

Iphone 7 plus and new Ipad.

Happening to me too! Game freezes for a while when typing in chat, crashing during raids and Titan battles. Also not connecting to store, won’t allow me to purchase gems

I’m on an iPhone 7

Edit : reset my device and it’s fixed!

Happens for me too only when I try to start the Masquerade quest. I’m on Samsung Galaxy 6

Game freeze happens to me too several times and MV bug (can‘t close ad). Iphone7 26.0.0 build 696

My alliance mate cannot access costume quest and Shiloh. Some hours ago he wasn’t able to access the game at all. He plays the same version like me, restarted the phone, cleared the app cache …any other suggestions? Version is 26.0.0 Build 1221

haha Maaeetz we finally agree on something :joy:

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