Game breaking exploit. Please read, address and correct if you can

Hi. How are you all? I don’t really post often but I am very new player (been playing for about a month give or take) so while I may not have all of the facts (just research) my alliance which is mainly my close friends and family members and some random players have been noticing that in wars we fight teams who are, how you say, mercenaries made up of high level players who have recently joined the alliance and their tags say they have been in an alliance for less than 1/2 days. I am actually a math major so counting and numbers comes easy to me so my only conclusion is that those players are exploiting a clear flaw in your game logic and when they start new clans the numbers do not match up and give a fair matchmaking so they are able to exploit that way for which ever reasons. What other game developers usually do in these situations is either correct the issue asap, or if they don’t know how, which is okay if there is not a lot development talent, at least put a region lock so say north america cannot matchmake with europe or oceanic.

Neverthless. I figured I would post this in the bugs section so maybe this catches attention of the developers and they can correct the issue. I really like this game and so does my family and friends. :slight_smile:

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Searching similar topics in this forum would be a good friend.

As to your concern, this is nothing new. Please read: War Matchmaking Issue – Proposed Solutions and War matchmaking strikes again and Alliance Wars Matchmaking (Discussion & Developer Response) MASTER and “Fixing” war scoring and matchmaking and Alliance wars still unfair. There. Fill your heart out.


Oh hey! I actually already searched the forums and saw those threads but I figured posting this in the bugs sub section would be where a bug of this caliber, or rather game breaking exploit would get the developers attention and maybe they would consider correcting this issue because while I maybe be a few months old I can tell this issue has been going on for quite some time :frowning:

As well as a high probability that this thread of yours be closed and merged to existing ones, too. :wink:

EDIT: Using the search tool and posting on existing topics on the same issue helps our volunteer moderators, who’ll appreciate forum-users that avoid cluttering in the forum.


Be as it may, I guess like most it’s just easier to sweep it under the rug and pretend the issue doesn’t exist. It’s how you say, definition of insanity shrugs haha. See ya!

Matchmaking has been discussed since the beginning of the Alliance Wars.

Apparently a new approach is now being tried.

Let’s hope that the biggest problems that exist Zahn are fixed and not new bigger ones come.

As highlighted above, there are a fair number of pre-existing threads on this topic.

As linked by @barrista, the devs (from V31 onwards) are testing a new means of tracking the “war history” in order to remove this exploit from the game.

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