Game boils down to RNG, $, and boards

And if he was fighting vanilla, 5* and 4* teams your argument would hold water. But it doesn’t.

You cant compare success within this game on scenarios like I took my vanilla 4/5* team against the best teams in the game and lost, boo hoo, the game is rigged.

But when you have two “like” teams, and one player wins most of his battles, you can say there there is more strategy then “it just all money and luck”.

How is it possible that basic characters can defeat an all star cast of level all maxed ascended characters?

Fair points and I see what you are saying here:

But considering that your mostly TC20 deck can take out much more powerful teams most of the time, I would venture to guess that your gameplay is better than the average bear and you may be discrediting your own ability (when you factor out the best of/worst of boards that almost guarantee victory/defeat)

As a FTP player I’m using mostly vanilla 4* and 5* teams and I would love to fight “like” teams, but both in raids and war I have to fight mostly event and hotm heros. I win more than I lose, but I’m absolutely sure that if I had a roster like the whales I would win more.
So I’ll stubbornly stand by my opinion, that it mostly money and luck.

i wonder if they use some branded “RNG engine”, they probably use standart RNG function from programming language they use for the server app. Which is. you right, may be too stricky. this is actually a long-running problem in software development, that random values can’t be entirely random.
But it has impact only on some short streaks, in long run it is nothing.
Which is means, you may see some ridiculous streaks of “heads” if you flip coin in VR:)
But, there is no much what developers can do actually, and honestly, there is not much actual impact on gameplay.