Game based on Luck?


If this game is based on luck. Then I for one am very UNLUCKY!! Gaming gods have cursed me!! I do not get any special chests: ie ( three in my five months of playing) and yes I regularly fill my monster and hero chests. I can never pull a good hero with gems. I enjoy this game very much but am beginning to consider whether it’s worth the time and effort put into it.


I also do not get many rare chests, but then I don’t really fill Hero chests often, and I think you need to fill all three.

As for cards, I will tell you what worked for me this week; no clue if it was a fluke or will work for others. I got three 4* out of five in my single pulls (Elemental only); I put 3* on the screen, not 4-5*. So I was looking at the lowest possible characters when I pulled. NO clue if this will work again, but it worked for me. RNG? Probably.


Waiting a day is supposed to work also according to my alliance members. And I read on the chat, you are supposed to wait until you have seen every possible summon.
Neither works for me, so going to give your method a try, something surely has to work. :joy:


I’m gonna try it too. :grin: With my luck the whole thing will go down in flames. Lol


Lol! Pure superstition. You can’t do one thing, observe a second thing and make a conclusion that the second thing was because of the first thing. Would be pretty strange devs for this game that would code that kind of functionality.

Even if there was a possibility of the things being related, you would need to repeat it thousands or tens of thousands of times to get statistically significant results to claim this is the case.


Lol, I know. Wonder if next time, when I wait a day, watch all possible summons and press summon when it shows a 3* and then still get a 3*, if it will convince anyone?


To balance the “I did x and got 4* results” thing, today I sat on Brienne and got…Brienne! :grin: