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Hello SG! I was thinking that you guys have a lot people playing E&P, why not do something special for their yearly anniversary. If the player is active, why not put a gift in their email to let them know you appreciate them playing. I think that this will help with everything that people put up with during the year of playing E&P!!! Thanks.

Hello, :+1::+1::+1::+1::+1::+1::+1::+1:
my birthday was June 2 but I am in favor of this idea.


You started my same day :smiley:

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Здравствуйте, было бы не плохо, ещё дополнительный бонус в игре

Hey guys, this is my first OP in this forum, and I want to start saying that I love the game, the community and the social component, this one being the first time I actually spend anything in a cell phone/tablet game, and also play it longer than a month or so.

That being said, I move to the point of my post/suggestion:

How about SGG giving away a HOTM every time a player makes one year of playing?

That would be an excellent reward for loyalty, and it can be selected totally randomly.

It will also help keeping some long time players that have never received a HOTM from further frustration, and estimulate them to keep playing to level them up.

Clarifying: I’m not even close to complaining about my luck in the pulls, I do have some HOTMs and even recently got a S2 Featured hero (that awesome purple, unstoppable Samurai).

Just a thought.

What do you guys think?


i think giving away anything to people when other people paid large sums of money to get them will raise a sour taste i the wrong peoples mouths. appeasing people who refuse to spend to upset the ones that do is a good way to get your business shut down.

Well, big spenders that already have let’s say 20 HOTMs, will have 20+1.

f2p players that currently have 0, will have 0+1.

But I understand your point.

The idea of something to recognize players for sticking with the game seems like a nice one to me. I’m not sure a HOTM in particular would work out well, but I do like the idea of there being something, even just as a small gesture.

It looks like some people have thought so before, too, but without much traction in the past:

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Oh!!! I looked up “presents”, and nothing came up, should have looked up “gifts” as well.


I tried anniversary, presents, and gift. :slight_smile:

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next time I will try and be more thorough.

The reason I thought of a HOTM is because one year is easily said, but we are talking about 12 months playing non-stop (and opening Mystic Vision everyday, giving more audience to SGG add customers).

I think for new players is a great incentive to keep playing, and for older ones the feel of reward will be great, let alone the continuing commitment it will take to level that hero up (I bet if they are f2p, they will not be able to level up in minutes, like Zero).


The forum search is fickle, I appreciate that you looked around before posting. :slight_smile:

I think a HOTM would be an exciting reward after a year. I just wonder a bit about how it would work out for different sorts of players, since some have no HOTM, and some have multiple of each. Maybe some choice in what the present was would help balance that out better.

You’ve also reminded me of a different idea post from a couple months ago by @Jura, which had an interesting take on a potential mechanic for a time-based exciting hero acquisition:

And I think you’re right, one way or another, getting a new hero you’re excited about is a good incentive to keep playing.


There is one problem I see in getting exactly the hero you want, and that’s everyone wanting the very same hero.

Let’s say SGG includes event heroes in that pool… Everyone will want Guin, or at least everyone that does not have her yet.

We will start seeing everyone with a Guin tank.

Or Gravemaker, or Kageburado, etc., we all want pretty much the same heroes.

Yeah, a long mission would be perfect.

I can imagine a room in the Stronghold. You would just open the big door to get inside. There would be a special portal or a magic mirror. You could see an old HotM of your choice trapped in the portal by an evil character. We battled with Dark Lord so there could be Dark Queen. The hero would ask you for your help.

Your mission would take one year (or longer). It could be called “Save your hero”.

The goal of your mission - Defeat X monsters per day. X = number of monsters per day, for example 200. After defeating them all year long, you will be able to set your hero free and battle with Dark Queen to complete your mission.

Your ideas about how could a possible mission look is welcomed :wink: There could be a special quest every day with only one mission as an alternative.

If you missed a day or a few days, never mind then, only the days you defeated the amount of heroes needed would count :wink:

Your progress could look like this - Bar

And the mirror like this - Hel

But I saw a lot of beautiful “magic portals” from various games on Google images. To create similar one would be perfect :wink:


I would really appreciate your opinions and support. All of that is what takes for this idea to be possibly successful :sunglasses:

I just still don’t agree with you choosing the hero.

Like I said above, everyone will want pretty much the same hero.

And this long mission will add another issue: if you choose the hero today, a year later there would be 12 more HOTM, and your choice might be very outdated.

I stick with letting the RNG give you ANY HOTM.

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I’ve been playing this game over 9 months. I play it every day and as a loyal player I can say that a long mission would still keep me playing a lot. I don’t even mind supporting the game with money, but I would like to get a particular HotM for either completing a long mission or having higher chance at Summon Gate.

Actually, how many players will play more than 1 year? In a year and half, even most of the loyal players will probably stop playing anyway. But, personally, if the developers gave me the hope for getting my favourite hero (after a year of playing) by giving this mission to me, then it is a reason to play one more year for me.

I don’t think it would be a problem to get a mission or higher chance as a reward for playing one year.

Yes, in a year there will be 12 more heroes but the same goes for summoning new HotMs every month. You will save a lot of gems or buy them to summon a new hero and then you will find out there’s even a better hero next month, but unfortunately you already spent gems to summon the weaker one… Similar situation…

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I think it would be amazing if there was a bonus for every year players play the game and then they receive another bonus for every year they stay with an alliance. So many players jump alliances and if they received a kick @$$ bonus for staying with an alliance for a year or even for every 6 months they stick with an alliance, it might boost confidence, moral, and motivation.

I like the idea of an anniversary gift. Even if its just one EHP, ETT and Silver coin for every year you have been playing (they can make sure the player is still active before handing out).

The players that stay are the players that pay…(I don’t know if that’s true, but it rhymes and we all know a catchy jingle is more important than the truth).

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