Game abilities

I would love to see the game progress to a point where one can use food and iron to do the things that only gems are able to do at this stage like speed up time on builds, training and purchase epic heroes and so forth.

It doesnt have to start at level one lets say that ability is available when you have one 5* hero in your arsenal or wen u have reached stronghold 15 and it gets cheaper after every 5 stronghold levels.

It took me six months to get one 5* Hero…I would not want ANYthing based on getting a 5*, but that’s just me.

Go on! :grin:

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I’d like to see a couple of chat options created.
Private chat and chat for leaders and elders this would improve the game greatly

Those were mentioned on the Shortlist for items being addressed short / longterm.

I believe it’s not currently being considered, due to safety issues, among other things.

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