Galaxy s10 navigation bar is vanishing


As I now have a new galaxy S10 i am not able to permanently lock the navigation bar at the bottom of the screen. this means I always have to swipe up to e.g. use the back button. As this seems to be app specific and there is no possibility to change a setting I thing S&P needs to change this .


I’m on the S9 and this has been happening the whole time (I believe).
I thought it was a function of the Samsung Game Tools thing rather than a function of EnP.

I do know that if you still hit (and hold) in the bottom middle where the “Home” button normally would be, my Samsung registers & executes the home button press function as normal…

Well i have tried on multiple games and it doesnt lock any more
I used to have my navigation bar as buttons but almost a year ago i changed them to swipe, took me couple of days to get used to but its really helpful and u can still swipe up for back in the game easily

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