Galaxy Defenders well established long term alliance #2917 leaderboard

GAMER ADDICTS NEEDED! Needed family oriented very tight knit family of members! Must hit all titans when on and use all flags! Must participate in war with all 6 flags! Super helpful happy team! Share tips tricks and experience! Leaders warn you in advance of upcoming events so you can prepare and more experienced love shared information as we all grow! Very few spots open as most are long term and have been there from the beginning! SINCE FEW SPOTS OPEN FIRST COME FIRST GET A SPOT, Some use line for info sheets and color sheets on quests! Mercs have come and loved it so much stayed! We’re all over the world and respect all! DRAMA FREE ZONE!!! LEVEL 30 AND OVER ONLY, HITTING 8,9, & 10 STAR TITANS AND RAISING, act fast 2 spots open and they go fast! Hugs!

Hey I’m interested in joining a more active mature group. I’m in a random group atm but half of them are offline for the most part. Unfortunately I’m only level 21 but I feel I’m not your normal 21. I have a team power of 2795 with plenty of room to grow with my 4 5* I like this game a lot:]

Anyways just wanted to put that out there if you want to make an exception. Thanks.

I’ve been playing for 6 months and LvL 38. Been averaging 2500 trophy’s for 45 days. 3 teams with an overall score of 3500. Very active, always hit the Titan and never opt of war.