Gaining XP for Heros from raid and stages


Current way of leveling heroes is lot of grinding . How about adding small amount of XP earned for each hero used in the raid and stage fights? Keep XP gain small to keep current recruit–> hero training–> level up as a main XP source. And special skill increase chance would only come from current leveling up scheme so xp gain from raid/stage battle won’t disturb the balance. Any comments? suggestions?



I really like this idea.

I don’t mind some grinding to level up heros but do think it currently takes a bit to long. I have a nice deep bench now and when I get a new hero it takes too long before I can even use him in war.

It would make the constant farming more fun too see my heros get some HP. Could be an amount of XP according to how hard the map and then share it between hero’s. Could make it more of a challenge to farm, try for harder maps with fewer hero’s so each one gets more HP. Instead of just autofight 8-7 all the time.

Don’t think it should be for raid.

If it was also for raid I think it would make players cupdrop to be able to win with unleveled hero’s.