Gain Energy From Chests / Rewards

We get all kinds of things for rewards from Mystic Vision and Chests but one thing we don’t get is any kind of energy.

I am suggesting to give us SOME energy at random as a reward. I am not suggesting a FULL flask or anything, but maybe 1, 2, 5 or 10 WE, 1 or 2 Raid, and just the 1 Titan energy.

Obviously the Titan one would be a more rare one to get but still it would be nice to have the chance to get any of these from wanted missions/chests and the like.

I get often, especially WE flasks, from any kind of reward/chest.

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I like the idea solely for the possibility of getting +1 titan flag. I have voted for this!

Just at my titan this morning…

This is a fantastic idea, and it doesn’t seem like it would be too hard to implement from a development standpoint. Flasks have a certain rarity level, I don’t get them in most chests. Having a higher chance to get a + to flags would be a great way to both improve loot and get people to play the game even more.

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