Gain buff at last ascension?

Lots of ideas floating around all the time but haven’t seen this one and it just popped into my brain. Several heroes are universally hated for whatever reason (there’s a fix atomos thread). Instead of leaving several heroes at 1-1 on your bench what if you could gain an additional buff on the last ascension? Let’s use Quintus as an example (mine is at 3-70, special is deals 270% to all enemies). What if you gained an additional buff to that when you ascended from 3-70 to 4-1? It could be setup as a choice of 3 (deals extra damage over time, cuts mana, blinds etc.) but only 3. This would create a lot of variety, and interest in those 5* you have but don’t know what to do with. There would have to be some kind of cost associated with this in additional to trap tools, royal tabards, and Damascus blades though. You could choose not to place the buff and just ascend your hero per their default. I’m not sure what kinda cost it would be. Some mat maybe? Gem cost? What do y’all think?

Interesting idea. But I think that is what costumes are supposed to do. Some costumes increase a hero’s special skill damage; others add a new effect.

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I agree that costumes were intended to help address the “vanilla” heroes. But they more or less changed what the heroes already had into something new right? This would be an addition to their base special skill not turning them into a new class or changing their special like the costume does.

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I think the costumes are headed in this direction

I know they don’t currently cover your exact scenario as far as choices but i think they will

Something tells me that each s1 hero will have more than 1 costume available in the long run

This doesn’t help paywall heroes but i think they too will have costumes start rolling out by s4 or s5

Anyways i think your idea is decent, i just think it may already be “sort of” in the works


Like others already said, costumes do that. You may use the original hero with the benefit of bonus, so your idea was already implemented :wink:

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