Gafar Skill : damage improper

Hi everyone !

I am the happy owner of a 4.26 Gafar, with lvl 8 skill.
The second effect of the skill however, seems to have not progress from 7 to 8. Indeed, it still does 204points of damage in 4 turns instead of 228.

Is anything can be do about that ? I am runing 31.0.3 build 1322.
Thanks :slight_smile:


DoT is a function of the attack stat of the hero. Essentially the TLDR is that your DoT will never be at “max” until the hero is at max level AND max special skill level.

Read more here:


thank you :slight_smile: We’ll see when it reaches max lvl then :slight_smile:

And do get back here and confirm when it is the same as advertised on a maxed card.

Saying this in advance: “SG told you so.” :crazy_face::crazy_face::crazy_face:

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