Gafar doesn't block costume Rigard's regeneration if it's already active

I couldn’t find anything on this after an intensive search, so I thought I’d report it. Apologies in advance that I don’t have any video - I’m not in the habit of recording my raid tournament attacks.

I faced a c.Rigard during one battle in last week’s tournament. Rigard fired off his regeneration special and I countered one turn later with Gafar’s special, which is supposed to block ALL healing for 2 turns, but Rigard continued to regenerate the following two turns. There was no repeated cleanse by Rigard or any other opponent. c.Rigard still had the jagged slash icon, but he healed anyway.

Has anyone else observed this? I’ll be sure to record any battles against cRigard during the next 4* raid tourney.

Do you record it? Is Rigard.C is not displayed +0 in the regeneration?


I’m absolutely certain it wasn’t displayed as +0 in the regeneration. If I ever get that constellation again, I’ll record it.

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It can be other opponent gain +HP and they are close near Rigard.C (which is it should be +0 only for Rigard.C), so it can be confused a bit… So hard, if there are no record.

I know you’re trying to help, but my opponent only had 2 heroes left at this point, and they both got the healing.

Believe me, I’ve thought of all the possibilities. I just wish I had recorded it.

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I’ve seen similar with Bai Yeong. I just assumed that if someone’s regeneration was already active, putting the status after the fact doesn’t change the regeneration. Of course, whether that’s by design, or a bug, I’ll assume a developer would be able to answer that.

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You should file a support ticket.

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