Gafar and emblems

I have just levelled Gafar and I am thinking about giving him emblems. Grazul also has emblems, and I am thinking of stripping them, to give them to Gafar. But is that wise?

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In my honest opinion:

No please don’t do that, Grazul is ways better then Gafar, especially against Alfrike and others who give your heroes ailments…


I have my gafar emblemed because I have excess of cleric emblems and nothing else to do with them. He is useful in places but since they got rid of field aid I don’t use him as much as I once did. I still use him in some tournaments vs Slayers etc and emblem quests as clerics in general can lack firepower.

I wouldn’t take any off my Grazul for him though


Here is mine, one step ahead:

Sadly this alt of mine has only so many clerical emblems thus emblemed only to the last attack node, which for cleric is 16th.

Not amazed of any of that guy’s qualities. Even like that his special is extremely weak, he is fragile and his tile damage, although good, is nothing astounding - I mean lb cTibs has more attack, and cTibs is considered to be average. Sadly heroes that do too many specific things with their ability are usually “balanced” with pretty low stats/damage output overall. If I ever pull Gafar on my main, I’d just eat him ASAP. Really glad that alts give me the opportunity to test various dubious heroes.

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I had mine at +20 a while back, then decided to take the emblems off him for Alexandrine. It’s ridicolous how low his stats are, I have 3* heroes with better survivability. Very rarely make use of him :man_shrugging:t2:

Yeah it is very limited use. My tournament stack with him is usually him plus Proteus plus Tiburtus.

The poison and sand stack so becomes decent there and the def down first does make his hit more relevant.

His time really is coming to and end outside of trials now though since ingolf got his buff I will level him to se instead.

Is he good for titans? For purple I have Sartana, Tibs, Rigard. I am fighting 5* titans. I leveled Gafar because I am low on purple 4* heroes.

He won’t be someone you keep in as roster grows but he can plug a temporary hole for you

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You would be better with second Tibs and Rigard, or with Sabina…or with Treevil if you manage to catch him. You can always add Wu Kong (despite being off-color) as a fifth hero in any titan team. No, I had to level Jafar for the same reason, and I would never do that if it wasn’t an alt account for which i don’t care.

In my very honest opinion, I would never take emblems off Grazul to give them to Gafar. NEVER ….
I have both these heroes.
Gafar only has emblems when I have an excess… and at the moment he only has one emblem.
Good luck

I have second tibs but used the compass to level up Gafar and because he is fast, so I thought he’d come in handy:)

So I thought, then I ascended him, emblemed him and tested him just to realize he’s not worth it.

Don’t want to discourage you, @Maescia . I still use Gafar on both cleric trials. Cleric hitters are in short supply for me, and his healing shutdown, if you can time it right, is especially nice against Vivica in the trial where she is one of the bosses. He does need emblems to be effective, because he is made of paper, but I definitely would not take them off Grazul. The ailment block she brings is super valuable. Like others, I had a crap-ton of cleric emblems laying around, so I don’t regret bringing him up, as he still has some utility for me, but it isn’t what it once was. I also used to use him on Titans for his tile damage.


Not particularly, no. for Titans a good team set up is:

  1. Defense down (e.g., Tiburtus, Treevil)
  2. Elemental defense down (e.g., Guardian Panther, Sergei)
  3. Attack Up (e.g., Costume Rigard)
  4. Special attack up (e.g., Miki, Wu Kong)
  5. heroes with high attack, and preferably in the strong color against the Titan. I’m not sure who between Gafar and Sartana has the highest attack stat :slight_smile:

For purple I have Rigard(no costume), Tibbs and Sartana. I have another Tibbs and Sartana but can’t ascend them. Usually I have Boldtusk or Rigard, Wu, and three of the same colour.

Grazul is too useful to do that. The only reason you’d ever strip emblems off of grazul is if you get a better hero that blocks status ailments like C Vanda.

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Sands and slayers work well can’t heal and fiends… Im gonna max a 2nd gafar as hits…
Not many purple 4* that do that… They all bit weird really… One is fine Id maybe take to +7 that it… Cleric is short for me so no emblems…
He a cool hero in my eyes…


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