Gaderius stats

Hi, does anyone know if Gaderius attack bonus stats of +48% stackable with kirils +30% attack?

It does not. Only attack buffs that stack with other ones are Tarlak’s (up to the cap value described on the card) and Wu Kong’s.
Kiril, Gadeirus, Boldtusk, overwrite one another.
I’m not sure about Brienne and Khiona cause their skills are slightly different, but I think they don’t stack too

Or maybe even stackable with wu kong!?

Ok thank you. I guess I can pair gaderius up with wu kong then.

Yes, or with Tarlak. I liked Gadeirus in beta, but at slow mana, it’s hard to imagine my using him – I’ve got too many better options – but with a leaner bench he could be a good addition.

Ohhh, what was gaderius mana in beta?

Slow, but I was more willing to throw minor mana pots at him there

I would really like the change of mana speed to average at the cost of completely taking away the 165% damage to the target and minor damage to nearby enemies.

I think he is really bad, as is Agwe, and Gobbler, just terrible
I have them and will not level them, they are bad Atlantis heroes in my opinion…
Proteus Wilbur have them in their shoes
Even Ameonna who does absolutely nothing is more fun, and i do have her maxed, for titans only, she deserves some tweaking.
As do many other heroes!

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