Gaderius hits

Atlantis 27/2 hard fighting Gaderius and his uncharged snipe hit is dealing 750-925 damage. His charged hit maxed at 275. How is this even considered to be reasonable? Seriously? His uncharged snipe his is that much more than his charged special hit? I think y’all got this one backwards. No way should a hero get to hit you with 750-925 damage every other turn.

Heros as a bosses are much stronger (higher stats), Atomos on hard is true pain


Atomos is one of the few endgame (Atlantis P 25-27 on hard) bosses that are truly worthy opponents. Gaderius isn’t really fearsome and Proteus a joke as he can be countered by using simple antidotes.

Bosses hit hard and are supposed to be a tough obstacle to overcome, especially in the endgame. In my opinion, most of the last Atlantis provinces are rather too easy than too hard.

@BFD Use Scarlett (or other attack lowerers) to counter Gadeirus’ special :wink: If you have Wilbur as well fighting Gadeirus on hard is a piece of cake.

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I beat Gaderius quite easily every time I face him. The point I’m making is his noncharged snipe attack does 3-4 times the damage of his charged attack. That seems a little backwards. To me the attack that takes time to build from mana should be far stronger than his snipe hit he gets every 2-3 turns. Now Atomos that sucker I killed 8 times on 27/9 and he totally destroyed me. I fought him again and took time stops along with Merlin, Gretel and mana and he didn’t stand a chance.

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