Gadeirus or LJ

Can I get advice from gad or LJ owners?

I levelled gad thinking that he is an average mana hero. Then I realised he is slow…

I hv LJ at 1 /1.

Should i give gad shields? Or lvl LJ.
My other greens are card, Mel maxed. Marge at 3/70.

I use my LJ and Gad together and gave both emblems. They fire together - Gad helps keep LJ in the fight and makes his high attack even more brutal.


Mel, LJ + Marge will have very very high tile damage.
That said, do you have any form of mana control? If not, LJ can truly be helpful in your offense team for events.
Not much experience with Gad, so can’t really help on that front


Gad is a slow, green, epic Ares, but had to be at least average for being worth leveling up.

LJ is a nasty hitting AoE and causes a strong mana charge delay.

Gad does more, but nothing really strong. If he would fill his neighbors manabars instead of his HoT, he would be great.

I have both. Gadeirus is a good all rounder but my preference would have to be Little John


Tks for the replies guys.

Think I would leave gad and level LJ first.

Just leveled Gad to 4th asc. My LJ is at 4.70-4 emblems.
Against Blue Tank they can work perfectly. I usually put also Kashhrek who is at 3.60


Some of mine green…not all leveled…gad is next to ascend…for titan and stack

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I hv both levelled now. LJ first then Gad.

I bring LJ to raids, in a green stack, for his tile damage.

Gad only comes out during titans for his attack buff

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I have both of them and use Gadeirus more often than LJohn. I gave emblems to both because they are both useful, l john for his high attack and thus green stacks and Gad I like to bring to raids. His survivability is great so therefore he is sure to fire

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LJ, Gad and Horghall are part of my mono green stack.

Eve and Elk complete the line.

There’s a lot of secondary healing skills there, plus the green debuff + gads attack buff is a brutal combo.


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