G. Owl instead Wukong for Events/Quest/Provinces

What’s ur opinion about this?
I used to use wukong for everything but I have no idea if Guardian Owl would be better for some battles instead Wukong.

Wu is waaaay better, even with his miss chance.
It increase attack for all of your heroes, have better tile damage and can fire his special more times while Owl (or Vulture, as he empower himself with dead allies) is only better at dying slowly.

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Really? Guardian Owl? NO. Wu Kong. Of course.

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As they stand now, there is no case for giving Owl even one feeder. Hold onto him, but pretend he doesn’t exit. Maybe one day the devs will turn him into a worthwhile hero.

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Pfff How an Hero 5* Event can be one of the worst heros in the game…

Owl is a very good event boss. He’s just a very bad hero.

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I use G owl for alliance war for clean up . I use him with low level hero and no healer.
Use ghost tile and it worked wonder. Revenge attack? no problem. My G owl is 3/50, and he killed 4 damaged full level hero.

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Sorry, does anyone know how many tiles it takes to charge a very slow mana hero?

It’s 12 for slow so it very slow 13.5 or a full 14?

Ghost tile? What’s it this

When you fire your tiles in a empty place to charge your heroes with double of their mana value.

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Double? If u don’t hit anyone the tiles charges double?

Yes, but only on empty spaces (not missing due blind or Wu Kong)

I don’t know. Maybe 14, assuming 6,8,10,12 then 14. From very fast to very slow.

6.5, 8, 10, 12, 13.5 are the breakpoints for mana speeds.

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