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Hello/good evening. :grin:
I am going to create an alliance, I aim for around 12 *, or even + if possible. I am waiting for the PoV to be finished to start my project and I would like to know if it interests someone to join us once this is done? We are already 3, I try to gather people before embarking on this path … If possible, contact me on Line to let me know your answer. :blush:
Add: saw6kipique

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Hi @Saw, I looked you up in Line but your line ID could not be found. It seems to me that we have the same goals in the game; if you would like to chat add me in Line tangy451.

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Come and join/ merge with us: Hit the Ground Runnin’

Let’s discuss

Leader: SunShine2

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Your proposal is very nice, thank you, but I refuse because I would like the alliance to belong to me. ^^ I would like to lead an alliance myself.

Ok, no problem . Next time

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