Future of Recurring Forum Threads

Hey all,

Quick little announcement from me regarding the future of some of the recurring threads I have been making over the last while.

I have been struggling with my enjoyment of the game a bit recently & the future direction of the game hasn’t helped with that. It’s not really been a secret that I don’t like a fair chunk of the newer features coming in 2021 & haven’t been overly quiet about that in my beta / forum feedback… As a result I have been working to lessen my time here and there where I can.

The Changes

:crossed_swords: Raid Tournament Threads

Instead of making a new thread each week for the raid tournaments, I am looking at making a monthly thread which will cover off all 3-4 tournaments starting in that month.
The format will look a little different but it will still have all the same information in it.

:trident: Atlantis Threads

These I plan to stop making a new one each month.
Instead there will be a master Atlantis Summons Reporting thread.

:postal_horn: Valhalla Threads

Plan is to keep making a monthly one for now. This will likely drop off to a master thread (like Atlantis will be) later in the year.

:mechanical_arm: Challenge Event Threads.

These will keep being discrete I think. I have been working on reformatting the threads so they are a bit more standardised & require less work to publish.

:japanese_castle: Ninja Tower

Will go from two separate threads (discussion & summons) to just the one thread.

:beers: Tavern of Legends

Like Ninja Tower, will go from two separate threads (discussion & summons) to just one thread.

:genie: Mythic Titan

No change.

:man_superhero: New HotM & Heroes

No real change. These are pretty easy…

Happy Gaming All :slight_smile: :partying_face:


Thank you Guvnor for all the threads you have created and the work you do! Sorry to hear your enjoyment has taken a hit recently.


All the best to you Guv. Even just a little of your time is great for all of us. Hopefully the limited time will reinvigorate you.


Thank you so much, @Guvnor for all the effort you make in this forum. Even if you’re gonna spend less time here, it’ll be appreciated.

Best wishes.:wink:


Sorry Guv


I hope a lightened load helps get you a much deserved reprieve.


Sorry to hear this, but I completely understand it. I’ve always enjoyed your posts about new heroes and the poll questions. Often times being a moderator is a thankless job. I hope many in the community have made their appreciation known for your efforts to keep them informed.


@Guvnor , thank you for everything you have done and are still doing for us.
We appreciate all the effort you are putting in to make the forum so well informative.
I always look forward to read your threads and posts, even if I rarely post in them.

If limiting your time in here is what you need, then I absolutely support that … do what makes you happy. :wink:
Wish you all the best! :hugs:


Hey @Guvnor

Thanks for all your work!

Some remarks. I agree on those:

Doing less is more. :+1: It is also enough to just to have 1 thread for costume chamber.

Please only keep the Hotm threads. Closing the Hotm threads after a year and open a new one in player guides section is really a bad idea in my eyes. No one will read the old thread and a lot of good strategic discussion will be lost.

No no no no no…pls don’t. :scream: May be you can shorten the intro…or get rid of it with just a link to a kind of master thread.
3 or 4 tourneys per thread will be chaotic. If you are looking to find your own result from the first tourney of a month this will be hard.

At least you need to link the posts where a new tourney will start.

Pls keep them seperate. It’s no problem to add the title for the specific rules later on.

Just my thoughts.


best wishes for all the time you save from these ! and thanks for all the work you do for us :slight_smile:


@Guvnor (aka @zephyr1’s grasshopper)

I can totally relate to the diminishing enjoyment of the game, and it has led to a corresponding diminishment in my presence here on the forums as well. Perhaps like @zephyr1 you need to step back for a bit and re-energise yourself.

Regardless of the outcome your contributions here are massively appreciated.


Thank you for all your hard work, effort, contributions and individual support.
You make playing the game so much easier for all of us.
You should take great pride in everything that you do in this forum.
Well done you, it really is appreciated - although we possibly don’t say that as often as we should


Thanks again for all your work @Guvnor! I definitely understand feeling less enthusiastic about the game. :sweat_smile:

I know a lot of players have expressed their frustration with new costumes for non-S1 heroes. I have been one of them. I do try to express myself in a civil manner.

Sometimes I do find the forum too negative. I just stop reading or don’t even touch certain threads. May not be an option for moderators.

I’ve come to support the reply cooldown period on hot topics. A few hours cooldown seems a bit long, but if everyone is saying the same thing, it doesn’t seem to achieve much anyway. Less work = happier moderators hopefully!

You have to do what’s best for you. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


Thank you, thank you, thank you, for all that you’ve done and continue to do @Guvnor. May you find the balance that works best for you!

One thing you’ve always been consistent about, is effective and timely communication. You never disappoint :wink:.

Blessings… Infinite blessings!


Life with Empires…


Life without Empires…


Take care of yourself @Guvnor. A big thank you for doing the unenviable job of moderator, but don’t put this or the game ahead of your RL. :slightly_smiling_face:


Eventually, all good things come to an end… Thanks, Guv, for the fun! Life come first.


Thank you for your time and patience.


Can I ask the obvious question (and this by no means is taking away from all the excellent work you’ve done and is not meant to be a put down in any way)

Why don’t you just quit if you don’t like what’s happening?

You’ve already given your blood sweat and tears to this community x a hundredfold, and you deserve greener pastures for the fruits of your labour


Makes absolute sense, good decision. Buy back some more personal time and find the balance again that works best for you. I honestly feel like you and some of the other prominent extremely hard working mods should be given a discretionary one off bonus reward in game to reward your efforts once every 6 months or so. This place would be a rancid, wreck of a mess if it wasn’t for you and the others keeping it all in line


Lol, in beta you literally broke your caps lock button on S4 stats.


I’m still enjoying many aspects of the game and community.

Really I’m wanting to wean myself back, so that if it does keep going what I see as “downhill” it’s easier to break away than going cold turkey.


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