Future Hero of the Month idea


In my Alliance we were tossing around ideas for potential new Hero skills, mainly the often formidable ones for Hero of the Month. This is one idea we found to have potential.
Ability: Deal damage to all enemies and lower their attack.
The amount of damage and lowered attack percentage depends on the number of enemies.
1 Enemy: 400% damage, -25% attack
2 Enemies: 350% damage, -30% attack
3 Enemies: 300% damage, -35% attack
4 Enemies: 250% damage, -40% attack
And so on…
It would be fun to see what other players would find appealing in the Monthly Uber heroes.


Isnt it a big debuff. 45% in 5 enemies? If you use it in a raid the enemy are doing half damage.


These numbers are only examples, but obviously not what we would see in the game. I thought the bigger numbers made it easier to get across the idea of damage and/or debuffs being influenced by the number of enemies.


Great idea, they already have one hero influenced by companions killed, so this follows