Future event heroes in epic hero pool or elemental pool?

Pardon if this has been asked and answered, but I can’t seem to find it:

The rabbits are showing up in the regular “epic hero summon” pool and not the “elemental summon” pool. Is this something that’s going to carry forward into the events coming up?

I’ve got a few epic hero tokens saved up, and I will continue to save them if we know the knights of Avalon will show up in that pool. If we don’t know, or we know that they’re going to replace the elemental summon like they always have, then I might try for a bunny or two.

Thats a really nice question that i was thinking for a while.

I’m afraid that this easter heroes are in the epic portal because when the avalon event hit, they are both avalaible and it takes the elemental spot.

I don’t think they put both in epic.
I really hope so but don’t think so.

Until proven otherwise I think this is a one off.

At any rate the event pulls are basically epic + event heroes anyway, just no tokens available.

It might make sense for them to change it though, easy way for event tokens to be a thing and would probably not impact their revenue stream much while reducing some complaints.

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I dont think easter and avalon will overlap. According to my calculation, easter will be finish 3 days before avalon start. I m curious where avalon will be add but probably in elemental as usual.

Just my two pennies, but this is how it should always have been. Taking the elemental out of service sucks and also not being able to use banked tokens on the events and other special heroes also sucks.

No - I don’t think they will overlap, but I also don’t believe there will be another update before then - so perhaps it is easier to implement the usual event summons in place of the elemental summons and remove the rabbits from the epic summons this way.

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