Future deff teams : 5 fighter or 5 rogue fully Emblemed heroes

What do you think of these future teams, once someone eventually has enough same emblems for the whole deff team.
Do you think its worth trying it out, all 5 Heroes reviving or all 5 Heroes evading special skills, making the attacker focus a lot more on tiles?
Just an idea but would love to hear your thoughts on this!

It depends of the heroes and their synergies but yeah assuming you can find 5 rogues or warriors or a mix of them that work well together it will be a PITA for sure…

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We can use our imagination. As for S1 heroes, the first fighter hero that comes to mind is Magni (fighter class has talent that gives them a chance to revive. it is different from resurrect since the former is talent-based while resurrect is skill based like what Albe, MoNo and Hemmy do), while there is no hero from S1 that has dodging skills. The closest one is Kadilen, but in her costume version. So, to even both out, we will use 5 Magnis each with maxed costume bonus vs 5 costumed Kadilens. Now, do you like any of them on defense? Do you like any of them even on offense? Will you use any of them them in attacking?

I don’t know if a player exists who has maxed 5 copies of the same hero. Maybe the reason is that it is a bad idea. I dunno…

It’s better to have 5 good heroes who also have good synergy on defense than 5 heroes of a “good” class.

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