Future date for leadership transfer

Sorry for the title. I dont even understand what I wrote there :joy:

I would like a function to appoint a co-leader to be leader in the future, if I leave the alliance or can’t enter the game. I think it would be a good way to prevent alliances from dying if the leader disappears, at least if he/she appoints a co-leader to be leader in that case. What do you think?

Suggestions for your answers:

  • easy for SG to implement
  • SG won’t lose money because of this
  • fantastic idea
  • I hate your idea because I’m a hater and dislike good ideas

Have a nice day :rooster:

I would like alliance leaders to have the option within alliance settings to be able to auto kick members who are “X” days inactive and this includes the leader himself/herself. :slight_smile:

Good idea but what happened, after the leader is automatically kicked after e.g. 14 days offline? The co-leader could become automatically the new leader. Maybe SG should implement both ideas from us :grin:

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