Future Building Upgrade Suggestion: Mercenary Camp

I’ve been playing the game for a while now and so far I am loving the new building conversions. I’m looking forward to seeing what new dimensions these bring to the game. One thing I feel is missing is a way to produce troops. We have the barracks for leveling troops up, but other then happenstance from the daily summon, dropping from the map, or spending gems on epic troop summon, there really is no way to produce troops. This is where my idea of the Mercenary Camp comes in. It could be a training camp conversion that has ten levels, like the other building conversions. The cost could be an amount of ham and iron (feeding & armaments) and a 1* (Adventure’s Kit, Practice Sword, Training Manual) or 2* (Dagger, Leather Armor, Wooden Shield) item/s. The level of the building and what it would produce would be as follows:

Mercenary Camp

  1. Random 1* Troop
  2. Random 1* or 2* Troops
  3. Random 1* or 2* Fire
  4. Random 1* or 2* Ice
  5. Random 1* or 2* Nature
  6. Random 1* or 2* Dark
  7. Random 1* or 2* Holy
  8. Cheap but Slow Random 1* or 2*
  9. Possible 3* or Lower Troops
  10. Possible 4* or Lower Troops

I think this could be a good addition to the game and I hope players and the devs would agree!

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