Fusion or Merging 5* Duplicates

Hello SG, long-time player here (July 2017). I play daily and I’m also a pay to play player.

Although I appreciate getting lucky in the portal, it’s exhausting getting duplicates that I don’t want or need. The HA doesn’t help me because there’s only 3 heroes that I lack and I’m really not motivated by the chances so I don’t use that level of the HA.

I almost quit the game during the Spring Event because I could not land Killhare. I could land Lepus and Roostley muliple times.

What I would like to see is some type of fusion or merging when this happens. For example, you can merge 5 Roostleys to get 1 Killhare. I wouldn’t even mind paying some gems to do this either.

Reward your dedicated players, SG. It’s time!

Could be something like 2 of the same type in one not of those two random of that type out.


  1. 2 s4 3* in, 1 new s4 3* out
  2. 2 Springdale 5* in, different Springdale 5* out

The two in can be different or duplicates, but have to have the same * and from the same season or event.

Problem is many won’t have duplicates from most of these so it would only benefit a small minority

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As a VERY unhappy owner of SEVEN Guardian Chameleons, having a way to combine 4 or 5 of them into a different event hero would be the decent thing to do.

I’m not asking for any giveaways, I’m only asking for a way to not quit the game. Create an exchange token, or just charge gems like in Alchemy Lab (or both). Ask for 5 duplicates of each individual event in order to make this “metamorphosis”.

Exemplifying the idea:

  1. Make this feature available in Hero Academy;
  2. Select the event you’d like to use your exchange coin/gems (let’s use Pirates of Corellia in this scenario);
  3. In order to use this function, you must be willing to give up 5 duplicates in exchange for a random one, but YOU’D NEVER GET THE SAME HEROES you offered to exchange;
  4. In order make an exchange, you MUST have at least 5 legendary heroes of that specific event to “sacrifice”;
  5. If I decide to sacrifice 2 Sargasso, 2 Marie Therese and 1 Finley, I can only receive back Captain Kestrel or Lady Locke.

This isn’t difficult. It’s probably one of the most important Quality of Life improvements this game needs for Senior players. I know tons of retired players that would absolutely come back if a feature like this is enabled.

It’s time.

I hope not seeing this happening till 2025 lol

And say me why? why they would make this? you spent money to get these heroes and now you have to spend even more to get other ones. :frowning:

Despite the above stated fact that it would be counterproductive for SG to implement such a mechanism, there’s a lack of logic in the request.

You are saying you ask this not to quit [because you can’t land any new hero] but guess what’s gonna happen when you land the heroes you miss…

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, you won’t be able to land a new hero so… you will quit :woman_shrugging:t3:
Solutions to problems that put you in exactly the same problem are not solutions.

That’s s hard pass for the reasons given so far.


You’re not serious, are you? I don’t know if you’ve noticed but SG figured out a long time ago that creating new heroes is their bread and butter. My point is, there is always going to be a new hero to chase. And I’m ok with chasing. But I would like to see a more feasible option to receiving the duplicate heroes that I don’t want or need. Right now they can either be very expensive food, take up valuable real estate in my roster, or I can retrain in the HA for a very slim chance at receiving 3 of the other heroes that I don’t have.

believe me there will be no fussion or merger of heroes * 5, because they have HA, maybe you should be grateful because many have good heroes, there are still many players here who are not as lucky as you, I am one of them, I have been playing since 2018 only with heroes * 5 season 1, to get HOtM is probably my biggest dream, after countless trials today I got a hero * 5 besides the hero season 1 namely Athena from HA10.
If you want to be treated special I think here too many players are treated special. Sorry if there are words that i say is wrong.

Yes, I am saying that it’s time to treat the pay to play dedicated players special. And this would also help free to play players as well.

I can’t believe anyone would be opposed to this… it can only make the game more rewarding.

I think that having to trade in five duplicates would be a bit excessive, at least if rewarding f2p-ers is a consideration in this suggestion. I’m c2p (since sgg is now getting the money i used to spend on two now-dead-to-me interests), but I’ve never landed more than five copies of a single hero (Bertila) on the occasions that I’ve spent more heavily. Someone who spends no money on this game at all would essentially be using this tentative method to swap out S1 heroes – a lackluster lure.

That said, though: I believe that the core of this idea is good. Quite good, actually. A 2- or 3-to-1 rate of exchange would seem much more reasonable to me.

I do think, however, that being able to retire heroes for ascension materials or class emblems is a better use of resources all around – both in terms of development and player satisfaction.

But, I’m a gamer (across all my gaming hobbies) that prefers consistent utility over all the shiny newness – I would much prefer an increased ability to “curate” my roster by focusing the RNG’s possible results for summons/trainings/transmutations/etc.

So I’m an outlier.

Your special is you get almost every hero.
Or can increase spending and get every hero.

Some of us are blueberries, some lemons and some watermelons, but we are all here to be squeezed.
And the more you spend, the more you are to be exploited :woman_shrugging:t3:


LOL, clearly we have different definitions of special. LOL.

The thing is I just don’t understand why big spenders should be treated even better than they are by spending big.

This request benefits anyone, whether you are a big spender or not because it would give all of us a different (and more rewarding, imo) option to use our duplicate heroes. If you are looking for a specific hero, this request would pave the road towards that.

I don’t understand the push back, really. Of course, if I have the money to spend, my roster is going to look much nicer than someone who doesn’t have the money to spend. What does that have to do with this request being valid or not?

Are you using the HA?

It’s rather simple.
F2Ps basically have no chance of having 5, 4, 3 or even 2 dups of the same hero unless it’s S1 vanilla.

The extremely low odds of that happening makes the time invested in its development and coding poorly spent.
I’d rather see Killhare directly for sale in the shop and coders dedicated to something different (like, let’s say, training) that would actually, really benefit the whole community.

Coders’ time is a resource that has to be used with extreme care.
Addressing a marginal problem that involves a very low percentage of the population isn’t a good example of extreme care :woman_shrugging:t3:

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