Fusion Fighters

Hey, you. Yeah, you. Looking for an alliance? Come check us out at Fusion Fighters led by our leading person who leads us as a leader, Erazer.


We’re simple folk: 1000 trophies requirement, hit the titan, war is optional (use all flags if opted in).
Plus we do it for the loot. And complain about it when we don’t get what we want!

We understand real life gets in the way of gaming, just let us know beforehand if you know you’ll be absent.

Currently ranked in the top 15000 in the world! With a number that big you know we’re good!

Oi, you. Yes, you over there at the back. Still looking for an alliance. Come check us out at Fusion Fighters.


Have I mentioned the pom-poms yet?

You over there! You. Yes, you. Still looking for an alliance check us out at Fusion Fighters.


We have fruit teas!

Did I say ‘fruit teas’? I mean manly man beer…

We just won another alliance war! Join us at Fusion Fighters.


I’m sure we have cake somewhere too!

Alliance war time. Whatever happens we do our best! Check us out at Fusion Fighters!


We’re really quite peaceful and loving people. Except towards titans. We hit titans…

It’s clobbering time! Come to think of it it’s always clobbering time… Join us at Fusion Fighters for more clobbering action!


Hey, team, do we have doughnuts? I’m not trying to bribe anyone! Er…

Speaking of clobbering, this is what we’re trying to take down at the moment.


You think we can use it to toast marshmallows?

Er… join us at Fusion Fighters!

Oh no! Our score went down! :scream:
Come help us bump it up at Fusion Fighters!


I’m still trying to find the doughnuts…

I found some biscuits!

What do you mean you don’t know what biscuits are? :confused:

Anyway, we have some at Fusion Fighters! Do it for biscuits! :smile:


Look at that. I’m pretty sure that makes us better than any alliance in the top 10. Why? Obvious, isn’t it? 14578 is bigger than 1 through to 14577! Surely you can’t disagree with that logic!

Join us at Fusion Fighters because of logic! :grin:

Biscuits no good? I found some cookies.

Join Fusion Fighters for the cookies!

(This is not intended as a bribe…)


We are the champions, my friends ~~~~

We won our recent war! Fancy joining us to have a go?

Join Fusion Fighters for (potential) victory in war! :smile:

It’s December and getting close to that time of the year. Even the base has changed to reflect this!

Er… hm… join us at Fusion Fighters to poke those snowmen at the base! I suppose you could do it by yourself but where’s the fun in that?


War, huh, yeah ~
What is it good for?
Loot! :grin: Hopefully.

I need those ascension materials to ascend my characters, so don’t judge me.

2019-12-05 Fusion Fighters

We are the champions, WE are the champions ~~~

Now for that war loot! :smile:
Wait. What do you mean I wasn’t in this one?!

Er… join Fusion Fighters and don’t make the same mistakes I do! :laughing:

That time of the week. Time for another alliance war!

Join us at Fusion Fighters for alliance war shenanigans! :grin:

2019-12-08 Fusion Fighters

That’s what I believe is colloquially known as a big bottom number. With a number that big you can’t go wrong! :grin:

What do you mean a smaller number is better for rankings? :confused:

Er… join us at Fusion Fighters to change that number!

2019-12-09 Fusion Fighters

Win if we can, lose if we must;
but always kick them in the shin!

Er… join Fusion Fighters for shin kicking opportunities! :smile:

So… who has the mop and bucket for clean up duty in the alliance war?

Er… join Fusion Fighters to take on a janitorial role in war! :grin:

My war strategy: If one fails to kick bottom, at least kick them in the shin. :laughing:

Er… join us at Fusion Fighters for bottom kicking opportunities!

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