Further ascention advice

I’ve been playing for like half a year, f2p, only paid once for cheap VIP pass NY offer. But so far I’ve got some heroes. So now i have:
red: Colen (maxed), Colen 2/18, Wilbur 3/60, Hawkmoon (maxed)
blue: Boril (4/53 almost done), Grimm 3/60, Grimm (unleveled just pulled it), Kiril 2/1 (working on it right now and this is a reason why Boril little bit paused), Gato 2/21 (unfinished because pulled my first Grimm), Karil (maxed)
Green: Kashrek (maxed), Skittleskull 3/60, Belith (just pulled), Mnesseus (unleveled) and my first green Carver which was leveled with mistakes and now at 3/49 with onlt 5/8 special
Yellow: was unlucky with this colour and during NY pulled Hu Tao (2/44 working on it at least till 360), but not impressed with him, Bane (maxed), Dawa - same situation as Carver
Dark: also bad luck here until I’ve gor Rigard during NY, working hard on it, now 3/65 with maxed special and Domitia (unleveled). Yesterday finaly I pulled 3
mana troops of dark was 2* for long time. Balthazar (Maxed), Oberon (3/35 8/8), Tyrum 3/30 3/8
I’ve got only 1 compass, 2 fine gloves, 2 hidden blade (but I’m quite sure I’ll manage legendary to complete challange to get 1 more), 3 shields, 6 trap tools.
So I can max Rigard as soon as. And here is dilema, should I do that, or should I wait and concentrate other heroes?
Any suggestions. Thanks

Hi, Rigard is a good haeler. OBERON is a 5* yes but it need a team to support. In My opinion is better finish Rigard and then Oberon or other. :slight_smile:

Oberon is this guy:

Oberon is a rubish. My question whether I should spend rare unfarmable items for maxing Rigard or he is good anough at 3/60? Who should be my next target for acenation?

Rigard is one of the best regular heroes and the only 4* that could cleanse, this is a safe usage of your materials :+1:

Sorry My mistake. My opinion not chanced ! :stuck_out_tongue:

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